Great Ideas For An Adults Only Trip to Walt Disney World

Nomad Lounge
Nomad Lounge (Credit: Disney)

Whoever thinks that Walt Disney World is “just for kids” has some serious relearning to do. Of course it’s a magical place for children, with a wealth of rides and attractions both aimed at and designed to include rather than exclude visitors of all ages, but that’s the key to remember; it’s for “all” ages, not just the kiddies. And sure there are specifics geared more toward younger attendees rather than adults who are unaccompanied by children, but likewise, there are an abundance of activities aimed directly at adults as well. Below you will find several great ideas for those considering an adults only trip to Walt Disney World Resort.

12. Enjoying the Resort

Hallmark to any premium vacation at Walt Disney World Resort is, of course, staying right onsite at one of Disney’s own impeccable resort properties. And while each and every accommodation is a one-of-a-kind marvel that can cater to visitors of any age or interest, there are some resorts that are better suited to adult parties specifically. For instance, where Value Resorts tend to gear more toward families with children, Moderate and Deluxe Resorts tend to appeal to older crowds. These resorts, while still following a highly anticipated “Disneyesque” theme, are less dominated by flashy, oversized icons and décor and tend to have a more toned down, intricate approach for displaying their unique motifs. They also include more adult-focused venues around the premises, like bars and lounges, boutiques, or other designations not known to garner the interests of most children per se. There are various renowned classics synonymous with older crowds, like Disney’s Port Orleans-French Quarter and the BoardWalk Inn along with more recent accommodations, such as those in the newly built Gran Destino Tower addition at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort and the all-new Riviera Resort Hotel, which even features snug Tower Studios designed with just two people in mind. Accommodations and interests can vary within adult parties. There’s even the option for camping at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campgrounds, which offer both cabin rentals as well as campsite setups. Wherever you decide to stay, you’re guaranteed to find plenty of onsite resort recreations to explore and enjoy. Embrace the resort and take a resort day. There’s no need to be hurried about by younger crowds eagerly flocking to more energetic pursuits that come with the hustle and bustle of the parks. Take some time for yourselves, go at your own pace, and most importantly of all, enjoy the resort!

Boardwalk Pool
Boardwalk Pool

11. Boating

Again, each and every resort has is own host of onsite recreations to pursue. And whether you are on the water directly or not, you will certainly be in close proximity to a marina of some sort. So why not share in an outing out on the water? Motorized boat rentals, when available, range in mini speedboats to pontoons, and various other options. There are even canoe and kayak rentals offered at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campgrounds along with private specialty cruise bookings. Dining and picnics on the water can offer a peaceful retreat, whichever wondrous body of water you happen to be floating along in.

10. Golfing

For avid golfers, or perhaps those looking to try a new low-key activity, golfing around Walt Disney World Resort may be of interest to you and your fellow adult comrade(s). And there are plenty of courses to explore both on Disney grounds as well as within noted nearby Orlando-based locations that maintain the Disney seal of approval. Some of Disney’s famed designated champion courses include Disney’s Palm, Disney’s Magnolia, Disney’s Oak Trail, and Disney’s Lake Buena Vista. All of these are operated by Arnold Palmer Golf Management. A host of less daunting mini golf courses can be found around various resorts and Disney designated locations as well, for those looking to just have a carefree good time without any added fanfare.

Disney Golf
Photo Credit: Disney

9. Visiting Tri-Circle D-Ranch

So you’ve completed and therefore stricken boating and golfing off your bucket list. What’s next? How about heading on over to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campgrounds (if you aren’t already staying there) for a little visit to Tri-Circle D-Ranch? With so much to see and do, you won’t want to miss any of the go-at-your-own-pace endeavors awaiting your exploration here. Come and meet the actual horses and ponies that take part in the Magic Kingdom’s various parades and events at home in their downtime. These include Appaloosas, Arabians, Belgians, Clydesdales, paint horses, Percherons, quarter horses, and even Shetland ponies. You can even saddle up for a 45-minute trail ride, at an additional cost, if you so desire. When fully available, there are also various options for taking wagon rides or those within a horse-drawn carriage. Visiting Tri-Circle D-Ranch also gives you the opportunity to see up close various unique displays and memorabilia, including the famous Dragon Calliope horse-drawn musical instrument, which Walt Disney purchased back in the 1950s for Disneyland’s Mickey Mouse Club Circus Parade.

8. Spas and Health Clubs

Another longtime endeavor for adults looking to get a little relaxation and rejuvenation is taking a spa day. From delightful Balinese pampering services at Mandara Spa (on location at Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin) to a host of other venues in and around Disney World, there is a great wealth of treatment options available. Given the current state of things being what they are, some of the famed favorite services normally offered at Disney-based spas are currently unavailable, though most accompanying health club features have fully reopened. On that note, working out together alongside adult friends or as couples can be an enjoyable experience, especially within Disney’s state-of-the-art facilities and upbeat atmosphere.

Mandara Spa

7. Savor Signature Dining

For some, the savoring of refined, exquisite cuisine is a must on any vacation. In fact, sometimes it is the main driving force behind taking a trip, as foodies and food road trippers can attest to. While this is admittedly not very often sole purpose for vacationing at Walt Disney World Resort, samplings of such fair and unmatched culinary experiences do tend to make it onto the bucket lists of many. And for the adult crowd, not bound exclusively to obligations that are more geared toward children, there are myriad stellar signature dining venues to indulge in. Pamper your palate with award-winning cuisine concoctions conceived by mastermind chefs, some of which are internationally known for their craft. You’ll find such stellar offerings onsite at various resorts, making up the Disney Springs scene and even within Disney Parks.

6. Bar Crawls/Tastings

In taking the topic of wining, dining, and tantalizing the taste buds on another course, it should be noted that bar crawls and tasting tend to be pretty popular with adult crowds, the first in particular, among younger adults. And Disney boasts plenty of lounges and bars all around, located within various resorts and within Disney Springs, not to mention the parks. Many restaurant venues also provide unique private tastings and food and beverage pairings as well. Both offer something else to think about when considering a more sophisticated outing.

Oga’s Cantina (Credit: Disney)

5. Festivals and Events

You’ve probably heard about EPCOT’s International Food & Wine Festival, but there are many others as well, including but not limited to EPCOT’s Flower & Gardening Show, Festival of the Arts, and numerous others. While children may partake in these, most are geared more toward adult interests.

4. Live Music and Entertainment

An appreciation for great music and entertainment is not exclusive to younger crowds. Many older folks like to keep to the rhythm and beat offered up at various venues throughout Disney’s four parks, on location at resorts, and over at noted social hubs, like Disney’s BoardWalk Area and neighboring Disney Springs. From live concert events at America Gardens Bandstand in EPCOT’s World Showcase Pavilion to free outdoor musical performances at the United Kingdom Pavilion and elsewhere in that park, from dancing the night away within the BoardWalk’s Atlantic Dance Hall to myriad shows and other entertainments happening at Disney Springs, possibilities are plentiful and never in short supply.

Epcot Entertainment (Credit: Disney)

3. Tours and Extras

While many of Disney’s regularly offered opportunities continue to be on pause at current time, when fully available, Walt Disney World Resort offers a host of unique behind-the-scenes tours and extra engagement opportunities you can sign up for at an additional cost. One such offering currently available, and one that is exclusive to adult crowds no less, is the Wilderness Back Trail Adventure—a Segway adventure through Disney’s Wilderness Resort & Campgrounds, encompassing all the resort has to offer in ways you’ve never even seen. And hopefully, as more re-phased openings get underway, we will see a full-throttle return to the many VIP Park Tours, backstage/behind-the-scenes opportunities, encounters and activities, and potentially even more options we haven’t even imagined.

2. Hit the Parks

It’s time to turn to the obvious—Disney Parks. You may not be a kid but that doesn’t mean you’re not still a kid at heart. Even older crowds like the various rides and attractions to be found throughout Disney’s four major parks (and two waterparks). While all Disney Parks are for kids, there’s no question that some are more adult friendly in regards to interests and offerings. These include EPCOT and Animal Kingdom, both of which have numerous cultural references or educational features that can be lost on Disney’s youngest attendees but can be fully appreciated in much more depth by older children and adults. But again, let’s be honest. Adults, like kids, can find interests in each and every Disney venue. There’s no denying that.

1. Destination Weddings/Honemoons

Are there wedding bells in your future? Then you may want to consider Walt Disney World Resort as the place to exchange your nuptials. Take the stress out of planning by coordinating with Disney’s caring and knowledgeable team regarding your specific wants and interests, and choose from a seemingly boundless array of options and offerings. From preferred caters to your venue of choice, not to mention all the other enchanted touches to make your magical day even more so, this is your Disney fairytale come to life. But we know that not everyone is able to have a Disney Wedding for several reasons. That’s why choosing Disney as the ultimate honeymoon getaway is the next best thing. Either way, you’ll be starting out your happily ever after on the best note possible, at the place where dreams come true. To learn more about Disney Weddings and Honeymoons visit

As you can see, Walt Disney World Resort has so much to offer for visitors of any age or interest. You don’t need to be a kid to experience the magic. Being a kid at heart, regardless of your age, will do just fine.

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