Guest Climbs a Cinderella Castle Balcony for a Photo Opp!

Credit: Disney

Are more Disney Guests ending up where they are not supposed to be, or is social just getting better at catching this stuff on video? In any case, TikTok user @pincessshannon just caught a quick video of a Guest atop of one of the balconies on CINDERELLA CASTLE in the Magic Kingdom!


someone’s in trouble…??? #disneyworld #magickingdom

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It is no secret that one of Walt Disney World’s most basic park rules involves keeping Guests out of backstage and restricted areas, not only for the purpose of retaining the magic for all of the other Guests but also for safety reasons. As such, it is quite possible that this Guest (and others who attempt the same or similar stunts) will be banned from the park with no refund…

Credit: Disney

We aren’t sure why exactly anyone would feel the need to break the rules here and risk being kicked out of the park, but we can only hazard a guess that it was for a photo opp given the person recording below, who the Guest in question seemed to quickly pose and wave to. It also may be worth noting that while these balconies overlooking Fantasyland are not often used, they have been used during the park’s reopening this year by characters for distanced meet and greets.

Credit: Disney

Whatever the reason may be, we absolutely do not recommend attempting climbing Cinderella Castle or any structure or area that is off limits to Guests at Walt Disney World. This incident most recently follows the one of the Guest who climbed out of a boat on the Living with the Land attraction presumably to grab a cucumber (??) and all of these incidents seem to have begun years ago over in EPCOT, when a Guest climbed up the Mexico pyramid (hence the “No Climbing” sign that is there today.)

Disney lists all of the rules that Guests are required to follow on their website, and many of them are printed in park maps when you arrive as well. We are glad this Guest was not injured in any way, but are still confused and cannot recommend more that you stick to the rules during your next Disney vacation.

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