Guest Uses Tinker Bell Meet and Greet to Break Restraining Order

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Character Meet and Greets can be magical (and sometimes, even life-saving) experiences for Walt Disney World Resort Guests.

Even when the Walt Disney Company has faltered lately and Disney Park Cast Members have openly revealed some major downsides of the job, there are still plenty of Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, or Hollywood Studios Guests who love to meet their favorite beloved characters in person.

Unfortunately, these Character Meet and Greets can bring about some lascivious or troubling behavior from Guests as well — and apparently, one Guest actually used a Meet and Greet to violate her restraining order and harass her victim while the victim was at work playing an iconic Pixie Hollow fairy!

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Meet and Greets like this magic moment between the Disney World character Tinker Bell and a Walt Disney World Resort Guest are some of the highlights for Guests who visit Disney Parks like the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, or Hollywood Studios. Credit: Finally_Smiled on Reddit

In a conversation on Reddit about Disney character performers and their “weirdest” experiences while working for Walt Disney World Resort, one Reddit user shared a particularly disturbing story.

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“I dated a girl that played one of the fairies for the Tinkerbell place,” the Reddit user wrote. “Beyond the pretty much daily occurrence of old dads hitting on her (she was 19 at the time) the weirdest thing to happen to her was a woman with a 4yr old little girl was all excited to get a picture with Tinkerbell, who was busy, so my ex volunteered to do pictures and entertain the little girl while they waited.”

According to the Reddit user, the woman was very “rudely saying she was here to see Tinkerbell and not ‘off-brand’ fairies”.

The fairy character performer dismissed the rude behavior and carried on with her job as a Disney World character in the Disney Park — then learned afterwards that the actress playing Tinkerbell was distraught, and security was called, because “this woman was Tinkerbell’s bio mom and had taken her granddaughter to Disney, just to violate the restraining order against her.”

The Reddit user didn’t elaborate, but finished ominously with the following: “Disney Jail is a real place.”

Tinker Bell Meet and Greet

Credit: Disney

Disney Guest behavior has certainly gotten worse in recent years, but this incident (which did not happen recently) is a shocking reminder of just how vulnerable Disney character performers are while they are on the job and in character!

What’s the worse behavior that you have seen from a Disney Guest while trying to enjoy Disney Parks like the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, or Hollywood Studios? Does it top this?

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