Guest Reveals Story Behind Life-Saving Disney Kiss

tinker bell looks on as tink character performer kisses disney guest

We have already seen several Disney Guests referencing Disney Parks’ ability to help with anxiety or depression — and one woman actually uprooted her life to live close to Walt Disney World Resort, for the sake of her mental health — but another story has recently come to light that further confirms this!

In a conversation on Reddit about Disney character performers’ “weirdest” experiences on the job — which mostly seemed to consist of flirtations or sexual propositions from adult Disney Park Guests — one Disney World Guest revealed a particularly emotional story from 2015. (Warning: this story contains references to suicide.)

The Reddit user Finally_Smiled revealed that his username is actually “named after an encounter [he] had with a Tinker Bell at Walt Disney World, Orlando in October 2015.”

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“My friends and I decided to go to Disney World and Universal to have some fun as I just got back from a non-combat deployment. Kinda celebrate coming home, but it was more to just have fun together,” the Disney Guest wrote. “However, at this time, no one in my life knew I was extremely suicidal. The thoughts. The anxiety. The depression. The plans to do it. All of it. And I masked it all as best I could.”

“During the trip, I was doing my best to mask and trying to ensure everyone was having a good time,” Finally_Smiled continued. “however, I couldn’t shake the depression/suicidal thoughts and even the plans to do it. At this point, I couldn’t mask anymore and this most likely ruined their time on the trip.”

“Eventually, I think on the last day, we make it to Tinker Bell to meet and take pictures. My friends at the time egged me on to get a picture with her to cheer me up. Throughout that day, I believe I had a few teary eyed moments by myself and I was visibly depressed,” the Disney Guest elaborated. “I honestly probably had red puffy eyes, too.”

tink character performer smiles with disney guest

Credit: Finally_Smiled on Reddit

“I don’t know if the Tinker Bell knew I was depressed, or it was something I or a friend said, or she just gives cheek kisses every now and then, but she gave me an unexpected smooch on the cheek and I proceeded to light up like a Christmas tree,” the Disney World Guest remembered.

“To me, it was just the act of unexpected generosity, kindness, and affection from a complete stranger that made me feel like the lingering gray cloud disappeared, even if it was for a brief passing moment.”

tink character performer kisses disney guest

Credit: Finally_Smiled on Reddit

Finally_Smiled went on to say that “the following week after the trip I called and scheduled myself into therapy,” sharing that “because of it all, I got the professional help I needed, I got on meds that help, I met my girlfriend (now wife), got a bunch of pets to love, bought a house, and just overall made a better life of myself.”

“My suicidal thoughts/ideations/plans are behind me, although the thoughts do still pop up every now and then, but they’re not as bad as they were eight years ago. That actress… her brief moment… just in passing helped me,” he wrote.

“She unknowingly saved my life. I keep this picture on my refrigerator door and sometimes it brings a smile to me when I need it most. My wife also loves this picture because she knows this story behind it. She also thanks this Tinker Bell for saving my life.”

Disney Cast Members and character performers certainly go through a lot of challenging times in their work, but stories like this positive true story make it clear that the Disney magic is still playing a part in many lives!

Tinker Bell Meet and Greet

Credit: Disney

Who knows? Perhaps the Disney employee who played Tinker Bell back in October of 2015 will see this man’s heartfelt story, and recognize the magical impact that she had!

Have you ever had a particularly poignant experience during a Character Meet and Greet or a Cast Member interaction in a Disney Park within the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, or Hollywood Studios?

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