Guests Attack Disney Restaurant After Seeing “Uninspired” Menu Changes


The Walt Disney Company has faced a lot (and we mean a LOT) of negative feedback from Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and even Disneyland Paris Resort Guests in the past several months. One small-scale example of this negativity is the barrage of criticism that has headed towards a previously-favored Disneyland restaurant, which has just come under fire yet again!

The Blue Bayou restaurant is a Disneyland Resort restaurant near the Pirates of the Caribbean ride that focuses on Louisiana or New Orleans cuisine (something that the Disney princess and Princess and the Frog star Tiana would probably be happy to hear). The Blue Bayou restaurant has usually been known as a crowd-pleaser, with offerings like chicken jambalaya and Monte Cristo dishes on the menu — but no longer.

blue bayou meal monte cristo

The Monte Cristo dish was a favorite and is now a former favorite from the Blue Bayou menu. Credit: Disney

The Blue Bayou menu has just gone through a pretty significant trim that involved removing some fan favorites! Disneyland Guests and Blue Bayou fans or foodies were quick to notice the menu changes — and to criticize them. In online conversations on websites like Reddit, such as this one,  Blue Bayou customers shared their opinions about the drastic shift in the menu’s style and the restaurant’s shift away from favorites like the Monte Cristo dish (shown above).

blue bayou

Credit: Disney

These days, the entree options are just Prime Rib, Sustainable Market Fish, or Creole Roasted Chicken. Chicken Jambalaya and Monte Cristo have been removed from the menu — and the famous layer cake that served as dessert has been rebranded as a simple chocolate-hazelnut baked good.

The chocolatey dessert has also drastically decreased in size, which was another big cause for complaint among Disney Guests who felt offended by the obvious decrease in quality and portion sizes.

blue bayou chocolate cake

The former version of the Blue Bayou cake, which has changed drastically. Credit: Reddit user u/Substantial-Falcon-8

The removal of some popular entrees was called “the dumbest thing ever” by one former Blue Bayou fan, with terms like “crap” and “uninspired” also being used as adjectives to describe the current state of the Blue Bayou menu.

Several fans expressed a desire to boycott the restaurant going forward, and one Disneyland Guest even added that their family will feel “heartbroken” when they learn that the restaurant has gone downhill and dishes like the Monte Cristo dish are gone.

Blue Bayou recently aggravated Disneyland Guests in another way, when a waiter attempted to refuse to serve alcohol to a customer who was supposedly not ordering a big enough meal to necessitate a glass of wine.

When was the last time that you dined at the Blue Bayou restaurant in Disneyland? Did you have any negative experiences at the Blue Bayou Disneyland location? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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