Guests Witness Adorable Theft In Disney Park


Many Walt Disney World Resort Guests already know that Disney Parks (and even Disney Resorts) are home to plenty of Florida wildlife, such as lizards, birds, rodents, snakes, and alligators (not to mention the animals that purposely inhabit in the Animal Kingdom).

Some Disney World Guests find the viewing of these wildlife to be a real thrill — in fact, some Disney Guests actually specifically choose Disney vacations in part because both the Disney Parks and Florida, in general, have some excellent locations for birdwatching (such as the Everglades or the Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort).

One particularly cute wildlife sighting has just occurred, however — and if you’re normally freaked out by the presence of animals in the Disney Parks, then this animal’s antics might just change your mind!


Alligators do occasionally appear within Disney Parks or Disney Resort water features. Credit:

In the Disney Park called Hollywood Studios — or, more specifically, just outside of the Disney Park’s entrance — there is a display that shows off merchandise in the form of plush Disney stuffed animals. Apparently, a local squirrel has decided to stop by this display and take any items of interest — even one very surprising product!


Snakes often appear in Walt Disney World Resort theme parks!

In the TikTok video below, we can see that a gray squirrel is exploring the stuffed animals that are on display and perusing the offerings. The gray squirrel does find something that he or she likes, which he or she then rearranges in an adorable fashion before making off with the goods!

In this case, the item stolen was not an entire stuffed animal. Instead, it was a vital part of a stuffed Mickey Mouse plush: the iconic mouse’s nose!

A bunch of Disney Gays spectate as Scrat from the hit movie ‘Ice Age’ steals Mickey’s nose. 💀😂 #themeparkgay #disneygay #disneyadult #disneylife #disneyworld #hollywoodstudios #disneysquirrels #disneyanimals #disneyfail #seenatdisney #disneymagic #disneyvacation #caughtonvideo #squirrelsoftiktok

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“A nest is being made with Mickey’s nose,” one Disney fan joked after viewing the TikTok video from, who jokingly labeled the squirrel as “Scrat from the hit movie ‘Ice Age'”. “I wonder if he thinks it’s a flower bed filled with flowers,” another Disney fan and squirrel fan mused.

Do you enjoy watching the antics of Florida wildlife during your Disney vacations?

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