Teaser Image For ‘Indiana Jones 5’ Is Released

indiana jones 5
Harrison Ford is returning as Indiana Jones in the fifth Indiana Jones film, coming soon. Credit: Disney

Harrison Ford is returning in his role as archeologist and adventurer Indiana Jones, and Disney has shared a teaser image of Indy during his comeback!

Disney fans will associate the famous movie character Indiana Jones with the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular show that takes place in Hollywood Studios in the Walt Disney World Resort. The show features lots of stunts and references to the Indiana Jones franchise that was directed by Steven Spielberg.

Indiana Jones is arguably one of Harrison Ford’s most iconic roles; the actor has starred as the rakish and Nathan Drake-esque adventurer since 1981 when he first played Indy in¬†Raiders of the Lost Ark.¬†He then played Indiana Jones in¬†Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984), the 1989 third Indiana Jones movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and the 2008 movie¬†Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull opposite Shia LaBeouf.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’, directed by Steven Spielberg. Credit: Lucasfilm

Indiana Jones is always seen with his iconic Panama hat and adventurer outfit (and oftentimes his bullwhip, as well as a feisty female sidekick who joins him in his adventures or treasure hunts). Indiana Jones is also usually competing with villains to find the treasure first.

In the teaser image shared by Disney on Twitter for the “new James Mangold-directed film”, Indiana Jones is alone on a rope bridge. The release date for this fifth Indiana Jones movie is listed on Wikipedia as June 30, 2023, so fans of Indiana Jones can (so far) expect it to show up next summer!

We’re not sure of the plot yet, but we do know that Doctor Strange actor Mads Mikkelsen is part of the cast. Mads Mikkelsen often plays villains, so we’re anticipating that he is Indiana Jones’s latest adversary in Indy’s fifth treasure hunt.

The first four movies in the Indiana Jones franchise were directed by Steven Spielberg, so the change to director James Mangold will be surprising to many hardcore Indy fans. However, Steven Spielberg is one of the producers for this fifth movie (alongside Frank Marshall, Kathleen Kennedy, and Simon Emanuel).

Indiana Jones

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. Credit: Disney

Although a new director like James Mangold will unsettle some devoted Indy fans (and a fifth movie will no doubt cause many people to joke about Harrison Ford possibly being a bit tired of the Indiana Jones franchise and his role in it), Steven Spielberg’s continued involvement might be a source of hope for others. We can obviously see from the teaser image that Indy is still sporting his signature style, too!

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