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Unfortunate Ride Accident at Disney World Leads to Lawsuit

Disney ride accident
Credit: Eddy Alvarez, Flickr

The Walt Disney Company can’t seem to dodge lawsuits in Florida. After an unfortunate ride accident at the iconic Haunted Mansion attraction at Walt Disney World Resort, a Guest is now taking legal action against the company.

Haunted Mansion

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Disney Ride Accident Lawsuit

The Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World is a popular experience for many parkgoers that visit the Orlando theme park. It is considered extremely safe, and one would not expect any serious injuries to occur. The cars move slowly on a conveyor belt, and periodic halts to the attraction are not sudden or dangerous. However, this didn’t stop an unlikely incident from occurring.

The lawsuit emerged following an incident earlier this year involving a Guest’s serious fall while attempting to join their spouse on the Haunted Mansion ride. ClickOrlando reported an unforeseen series of events that occurred as the Guests embarked on the attraction to witness the eerie sights. Apparently, a Cast Member caused an abrupt halt of the cars when they activated the emergency stop button. The sudden jolt reportedly caused the Guest to lose their balance and fall, resulting in significant injuries.

Seeking recompense for the allegedly severe and permanent injuries suffered, the plaintiff has filed a lawsuit against Walt Disney World, claiming damages exceeding $50,000. It is unknown exactly how extensive the injuries are, but the damage sounds serious. ClickOrlando mentions the accident happened in April of this year, and the Guest is reportedly still experiencing trauma from it.

Ride Safety at Disney World

Emergency stops are very common for the Haunted Mansion attraction. Because the ride functions via a conveyor belt, Cast Members often need to slow it down or halt it entirely in order to accommodate specific Guests requiring more time to board. In doing so, the entire attraction comes to a stop.

Disney doesn’t comment on Guest lawsuits very often. Furthermore, the matter may eventually settle out of court. Previous cases have resulted in settlements, dismissals, or judgments that have swung wildly in either direction, depending on the circumstances and evidence presented. Each case is unique, and the court considers various factors such as negligence, duty of care, risk assumption, and applicable laws or regulations.

Haunted Mansion Poster

Credit: Disney

Haunted Mansion is a beloved and classic ride. However, even the safest experiences have some risks. The lawsuit comes at a time when the attraction is seeing a reboot movie, The Haunted Mansion, come to theaters. It will be interesting to see how this Disney ride accident case plays out, and hopefully, the Guest’s trauma will improve soon.

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