Have You Tried The Food Along Main Street USA? Here Are 7 Things You’ll Love!

Main Street Bakery

It’s the first themed land you see upon entering the Magic Kingdom, but it is one that is sometimes overlooked due to its reputation as a shopping district that must be traversed to get to the more adrenaline-filled and high-end attractions of the other lands. Main Street USA may be a little more understated than some of the Magic Kingdom’s other areas, but its appeal is undeniable. It sets the stage for guests to be whisked away into the world of their imaginations, it holds true Disney history, and it frames Cinderella Castle as you walk down the street – officially announcing that you’ve arrived at the Most Magical Place on Earth. And for those who enjoy lingering in Main Street USA for its subtle charm, there is also a wide selection of food options from which to choose. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or something a little more leisurely, Main Street USA has you covered. Here are some of the things we love about the food you’ll find here:

1. It’s Full of Character

Crystal Palace, considered part of the Main Street USA dining options, but actually located between Main Street USA and Adventureland, features wonderful character buffet dining with Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Eeyore. The Winnie the Pooh characters are always a big hit with young children, so there always seems to be a lot of young families in attendance. According to Disney, the restaurant has as its inspiration Victorian greenhouses from the late 1800s. As such, it is filled with a large number of tall windows that generally ensure a bright, cheery interior, barring the occasional afternoon of “liquid sunshine,” as Cast Members sometimes refer to the predictable but brief Florida storms. The buffet is typical American fare for the most part, with all the proteins covered – steak, chicken, fish, turkey, shrimp – and a great selection of salads, breads, pastas, and desserts. Breakfast at Crystal Palace is a particular favorite, not just for the food and characters but for the opportunity to enter the park early for a reservation and enjoy an atypically empty Main Street USA.

2. It Can Be Surprising

In a place as well-known and well-attended as the Magic Kingdom, surprises can be hard to come by. Nonetheless, many guests are unfamiliar with The Plaza Restaurant and the simple pleasures it has to offer. Which is even more surprising because this relatively small eatery is located at the end of Main Street around the corner from the very popular Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. One reason for this could be the limited menu, which primarily features sandwiches, burgers, salad, and dessert. Nonetheless, if you are in the mood for a leisurely nosh, it’s hard to beat The Plaza Restaurant.

3. It’s Romantic

Themed to one of Disney’s most romantic movie couples – Lady and the Tramp – Tony’s Town Square Restaurant will delight hopeless romantics with its charm. This Italian-American trattoria features a continuous loop of the film playing in the lobby, images of the canine couple adorning the walls, and a small fountain in the center of the restaurant that depicts the two characters. Naturally, spaghetti and meatballs are on the menu so you and your loved one can re-enact the famous spaghetti strand scene from the 1955 film. On second thought, doing that might result in your party getting moved to a table in an alley out back… But after you get kicked out, be sure to check out Lady and the Tramp’s paw prints in the cement outside the restaurant!

4. It Features Simple Comforts

If there’s one place on Main Street that’s gone to the dogs even more than Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, it would have to be Casey’s Corner. This baseball-themed eatery serves hot dogs, chili-cheese dogs, barbecue slaw dogs, and even corn dog nuggets. They round out their menu with a Polish sausage, which doesn’t fall far from the hot dog tree, along with fries, drinks, and a few basic desserts. With such simple fare, and with the corn dog nuggets being pretty reasonably priced, Casey’s Corner is popular with children and their families. And be sure to eat at the tables outside, where you may find the Casey’s Corner pianist tickling the ivories to the delight of guests young and old.

5. It Delivers a Jolt

The Main Street Bakery, now featuring Starbucks coffee drinks, teas, smoothies, and other beverages, is a bit of a controversy on the list. For guests who can’t do without their daily fix, the appearance of the coffee mega-corporation on Main Street was a welcome sight. For others it heralded disaster and the end of a true Disney tradition on Main Street. Either way, there’s no denying that getting that dose of caffeine on your way into the park is one sure way to get the blood pumping and the energy flowing! The Main Street Bakery also features Starbucks’ line of La Boulange-branded pastry items.

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6. It’s a Dish Best Served Cold

The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor has been a popular fixture of Main Street for years, as evidenced by the long line of guests that can often be found here. But make no mistake, the hand-scooped cones, sundaes, floats, and ice cream sandwiches are worth every minute of wait. With fat-free, sugar-free, and vegan options available as well, the whole family is able to enjoy the treats found here. Even better, the prices are very reasonable.

7. It’s as Sweet as Can Be

A stop at the Main Street Confectionery is a must for all guests who have a sweet tooth, particularly if they also have good self-control. Without it, there’s no telling how many old-fashioned candies and treats you’ll be loaded down with when you leave! The confectionery features candy apples, chocolate-dipped fruit, cake pops, chocolate-dipped pretzels, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, assorted fudge, and Mickey-shaped rice krispy treats, among other candies and treats. Come to think of it, the best time to visit may be on your way out of the park so that you won’t have to carry such a heavy bag all day!

Whether you’re looking for table service, quick-service, character meals, or a snack, Main Street USA offers something for everyone. Do you have a specific food item that you grab whenever you find yourself strolling down Main Street? Is one of the Main Street USA restaurants on your to-do list every time you visit? Tell us about it!

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