‘Hercules’ Remake Confirmed: Disney Fans Want This Break-out ‘Little Mermaid’ Star to Be in It

Megara Hercules
Credit: D23

Keeping up with the latest live-action remake news is starting to feel like slaying The Hydra’s multiplying heads from Hercules (1997).

In a revealing interview with The New York Times, Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Production president, Sean Bailey, shared details on Disney’s live-action film pipeline.

In several reveals, including self-proclaimed “misses” like the live-action Mulan and comparing the live-action film The Lion King to a Star Wars saga, Bailey pulled the curtain back on what he prefers to call Disney’s “reimagined” films.

While Disney fans are rejoicing Bailey’s confirmation of Hocus Pocus 3, Twitter is buzzing with its imagination for the now-confirmed live-action film Hercules. With a little cirrus, a touch of nimbostratus, and a dash of cumulus, Zeus created one of Disney’s most adorable babies, Pegasus, and fans are hoping a similar recipe from the original film will go into the reimagined one.

Baby Pegasus Hercules

Credit: D23

With soulful muses, creepy fates, a disgruntled coach on the rebound, a lovable villain, a sassy it-girl, and two of Disney’s cutest characters, Hercules won over audiences as Disney’s 35th animated film.

Directed by Ron Clements and John Musker and featuring industry giants like James Woods (Hades) and Danny DeVito (Phil), Hercules combined quotable quips with stunning visuals and a gripping arc to captivate Disney fans. In addition to the 50 movies Bailey has in the works, Hercules will be one of Disney’s next Olympian efforts to win over animated Disney movie fans.

Rotten Judgement or Brilliant Suggestion?

Not long after Bailey’s announcement, Twitter got to work on casting the reimagined classic, and one name rose to the top of the list for the it-girl from Hercules: Megara.

A sassy, conflicted, witty woman voiced by Susan Egan in the 1997 movie, Megara swept the nation with merchandise, dolls, and forever fandom. With one of Bailey’s other productions released into the box office wildThe Little Mermaid, fans pegged one of its break-out stars to fill Meg’s sandals.

The villainous force portraying Vanessa, Jessica Alexander, captured the hearts of millions in her minutes on screen. Feedback from the film campaigned for her to have played Ariel, though she was quick to block any fans suggesting that online.

This time, she’s the subject of a motion to make her the iconic Megara, proposed by @ziarastar on Twitter:

and when they cast jessica alexander as meg-

Although Meg isn’t quite a villain, she’s also not pure enough to live up on Mount Olympus, and Ursula’s human form portrayal lends itself well to a depiction of Meg. In an interview with HSN, Alexander admitted to enjoying the role she played in The Little Mermaid:

I love playing the villain, the villain is a lot of fun to play. I’m not as crazy as [Vanessa], she’s pretty intense.

Jessica Alexander

Credit: @wolfiesqualley, Twitter

Fans will have to wait and see if Alexander enjoys the Meg nomination (unlike the Ariel suggestion), among the other details about the buzzworthy film in the works for Disney.

No information about the Hercules film’s cast, crew, or release date, but Disney Fanatic will share updates as they come.

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