Huge Pipe Bursts in EPCOT

imagination building epcot

When it comes to infrastructure and planning ahead, the Walt Disney World Resort usually seems to have everything figured out — even if the current high levels of Guest dissatisfaction say otherwise. Disney has plans for everything from ‘aging out’ Disney princesses who look too old to dealing with difficult Guests using coded messages — but even Disney cannot prevent maintenance issues from causing disastrous events, and one such event has just happened in EPCOT!

A pipe appears to have burst in the Imagination building within the EPCOT Disney Park, and water can be seen ascending to shocking heights from the building. Take a look at the alleged leak in the video from Twitter, shown below!

Imagination Pavilion

Imagination Pavilion Credit: Disney

The Walt Disney Company and Walt Disney World Resort have plenty of resources at their disposal to deal with any unexpected challenges, so no doubt this will be fixed quickly — but until then, if you are a Disney Guest on a Walt Disney World Resort vacation in EPCOT, then you are about to be treated to an improvised Disney fountain show.

Just keep your distance, especially since Disney will most likely have maintenance workers working hard at the location to fix the leak if that really is what’s causing the fountain of sky-high water!

Disney has plenty of fountains, water attractions, and water rides for Guests who are visiting Disney Resorts or Disney Parks (not to mention pools for Resort Guests), so Disney Guests always have plenty of ways to cool off and find refreshment on hot Florida or California days. Unfortunately, many Disney Guests have been misbehaving on an unprecedented level in recent months, and that includes trespassing into Disney fountains.

disneyland paris fountain disney guest behavior

Disney Guests have been trespassing and misbehaving often in recent months, and one Disneyland Paris Guest recently tried to bathe a child in a Disney fountain.

Fortunately, this pipe leak — if that is indeed the cause of the huge amounts of water spurting into the sky — is most likely too hard for Disney Guests to access. Or maybe this impromptu fountain display is actually just a “Figment” of the onlookers’ imaginations!


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