Major Hurricane Heading Towards Florida, Will It Hit Disney World?

Hurricane Lee
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The National Hurricane Center is monitoring a major hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean. As of Thursday evening, the storm has turned into a Category 4 hurricane and is expected to strengthen as it continues west. With a course seemingly heading toward Florida, will Walt Disney World dance with another hurricane soon?

Impending Hurricane

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Hurricane Lee is a Monster

The ongoing 2023 Atlantic hurricane season has been interesting so far, and Hurricane Lee is now causing major concern. This is the fourteenth named storm in this season and the sixteenth system overall. It has swiftly gained strength over the southern Atlantic Ocean. Born from a broad tropical disturbance, Hurricane Lee officially transformed into a tropical storm on September 7, 2023, and is currently a Category 4 hurricane with powerful sustained winds. Meteorologists are closely monitoring its development, anticipating a rapid intensification into an “extremely dangerous” major hurricane by Thursday night.

While the precise path of Hurricane Lee remains uncertain, it is anticipated to approach the northeast Caribbean over the upcoming weekend, posing a potential risk of tropical storm conditions for the region’s islands. Beyond that, the forecast suggests a northward trajectory, indicating that Florida may not bear the brunt of the hurricane. Nevertheless, coastal areas along the eastern United States may experience large surf and rip currents.

Potential Impacts

In response to this real threat, the National Hurricane Center has issued advisories, urging residents in the northeast Caribbean and the eastern United States to remain vigilant and take appropriate precautions. Hurricane Lee’s sheer size, with a diameter exceeding 500 miles, could cause major harm. This includes heavy rainfall that could result in flooding and mudslides, powerful winds capable of causing power outages and property damage, and the risk of a storm surge reaching epic proportions in certain areas.

Those visiting Disney World this weekend and next week should know the danger. However, the storm will most likely not impact Florida. Nevertheless, it currently is on a straight westward path toward the state, so there is always a risk.

Hurricane at Walt Disney World

Disney World takes such threats seriously. The resort has established comprehensive disaster preparedness plans to ensure the safety of its guests and cast members. This includes monitoring storms closely, closing down if necessary, and securing facilities to minimize damage. Visitors to the region during hurricane season should also stay informed of park closures and follow any safety instructions issued by the park authorities to ensure their well-being during natural disasters.

The National Hurricane Center is also watching a brewing storm following Hurricane Lee. It has been named Tropical Storm Margot and also sees a potential impact on Florida.

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