Police Involved in Trespasser Incident at Disney Resort

Animal Kingdom Villas
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Walt Disney World Resort is a large place that caters to many different people from various walks of life. Its plethora of different resorts are popular places to visit to dine or tour simply for fun. However, not every guest is a welcome one. Rare incidents at Disney World often end in police intervention, as one Animal Kindom Villas patron recently found out.

DAK Lodge

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Animal Kingdom Villas Experience

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas is a unique vacation resort at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, offering a blend of Disney charm and an African safari adventure. Divided into two sections, Jambo House and Kidani Village, the resort immerses guests in an African-inspired atmosphere.

Jambo House, the larger of the two sections, features a breathtaking open-air lobby with African-themed decor, luxurious accommodations ranging from guest rooms to grand villas, and the unique opportunity to view wildlife like giraffes and zebras from your balcony. Dining options include Jiko – The Cooking Place and Boma – Flavors of Africa, offering exquisite African-inspired cuisine.

The Uzima Pool, an African art gallery, and the nearby Sanaa restaurant add to the rich experience, making Jambo House a must-visit destination within Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas for those seeking a truly immersive and magical African safari adventure.

Safari DAK Lodge

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Trespasser at Disney World

A guest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas recently went on the r/WaltDisneyWorld subreddit to ask for more information on an incident at Jambo House. The resort patron explained that they witnessed five sheriff cars and a security car sitting outside the resort as they returned for the evening. Apparently, a manager was talking to the police officers.

Sorry if this isn’t the right place, and if it isn’t I can remove it. But we were coming back to the resort and there were five sheriff cars and a security car sitting outside the resort, and a manager was talking to one of the officers. Obviously the cast members wouldn’t say what was going on, but does anyone know what might have happened? We heard some strange noises back to our room too…

Anyone know what happened at Jambo House tonight?
byu/SirMingie inWaltDisneyWorld

The guest could not get any information from the resort cast members and was curious about what occurred on the property. Thankfully, Reddit commenters were happy to give whatever insight they could find. According to the Orange County Sherriff’s Office dispatch, the incident surrounded a “trespasser” on the property.

Orange County Sherriff’s Office dispatch calls is showing “Trespasser”

byu/SirMingie from discussion

To be fair, other responses indicated that any incident involving someone on a Disney resort property can be flagged as trespassing, even if they are a guest at the resort. The full extent of what occurred is unknown, but it most likely involved someone who needed to be escorted off Animal Kingdom Villas property.

Disney Fanatic will keep you updated on any new developments involving this story. Walt Disney World takes trespassing incidents very seriously. Hopefully, nothing too drastic occurred.

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