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Twelve-Year-Old Israeli ‘Harry Potter’ Super Fan Killed in Hamas Terrorist Attacks

Israeli 'Harry Potter' Super Fan Killed in Hamas Terrorist Attacks
Noya Dan and her grandmother, Carmela Dan. Credit: X @Ilanit Adani. Right: Noya Dan dressed as Harry Potter. Credit: X @Israel

On October 7, thousands of Hamas fighters crossed the Israeli-Gaza border by air, land, and sea. The attack took Israel and the world by surprise. In a horrific carnage, Hamas killed hundreds of unarmed civilians at an all-night music festival in southern Israel near the Gaza border.

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In the initial wave of fighting, Hamas took hundreds of civilian prisoners, including a 12-year-old girl and her grandmother. In response to the attack, Israel pounded Gaza with air strikes and is preparing for a ground invasion. This also set off a humanitarian crisis as the air strike killed thousands, and millions are trying to escape Gaza.

Israel estimates that Hamas currently holds 200 people, including 30 teenagers and young people and 20 people over 60. United States National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said 20 Americans are still missing. Senator Jim Risch told reporters that 10 of the hostages are Americans.

Twelve-year-old Noya Dan was visiting her grandmother, Carmela Dan, in southern Israel when Hamas overran the settlement. Hamas took the two, along with four other family members, hostage.

Noya had autism and was a massive Harry Potter book and movie series fan. The Israeli government took to X (formerly Twitter) to plead for help from Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. The Israeli government wrote:

This beautiful 12-year-old girl with autism was kidnapped from her home by Hamas terrorists and was taken to Gaza. Noya, is sensitive, kind, funny and a massive Harry Potter fan.  @jk_rowlingcan you help us get her story out? Share this and help us bring Noya home

Rowling replied to the message from Israel with:

Kidnapping children is despicable and wholly unjustifiable. For obvious reasons, this picture has hit home with me. May Noya and all hostages taken by Hamas be returned soon, safely, to their families.

But just two days after Rowling sent her message to the world to get Noya back to her family, the Israeli government announced that they had recovered Noya and her grandmother’s bodies. The Israeli government wrote:

We are devastated to announce that Noya and her grandmother Carmela’s bodies were discovered yesterday. Thank you to all of you who shared her story to help us bring her home.

Since the Hamas attack on Israel, more than 1,400 Israelis and 3,800 Palestinians have been killed. This week, United States President Joe Biden met with Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss Israel’s response to the terror group. Last night, President Biden addressed the nation and asked Congress to approve $106 billion in aid to Israel and Ukraine.

The Israeli news site Haaretz reported that the Dan family was informed about the death of Noya Dan and her grandmother, Carmela Dan, shortly after the army found the bodies. There was no update on the remaining members of the Dan family whom Hamas militants took hostage.

After learning of Noya’s death, JK Rowling responded, “I have no words.”

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