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Surprise Disney Vacation Doesn’t Exactly Go As Planned

Surprise Disney Trip Gone Wrong
Credit: Amanda (@alt__313) TikTok

For many, a trip to Walt Disney World Resort is the ultimate vacation, where magical memories are made, dreams come true, and magic becomes a reality. A lot of planning goes into a Disney vacation, especially if you want to keep that trip secret from some of the people going on it. Surprising family — especially children — videos have even increasingly popular on social media platforms like TikTok. While many of these videos involve the kids screaming in delight, some don’t go quite as planned.

Magic Kingdom Disney World

Credit: Disney

TikToker Joceline Martin (@alt__313) planned a Disney vacation for her three young children for months. While she told her oldest son about it, she decided to keep the secret from her two young daughters — Delaney (9) and Drew (5). They had been asking to go to Disney World for years, and she wanted to make their theme park dreams a reality. However, when it was finally time to surprise them with trip, things went… sideways.

Take a look.

Mrs. Martin spoke to Today and shared just what went wrong.

“They’d been talking about wanting to go to Disney for like, three years. It was ‘When are we going? When are we going?’” Martin says. “I was expecting this sweet, heartwarming moment.”

Though Martin is heard laughing in the background, she says she “felt terrible” that her kids were so scared.

“They’re both terrified of heights and that’s what set them off,” Martin says. “I think it was like, ‘I want to go to Disney — but not on an airplane.’ They were also feeding off each other.”

Martin Family Disney World vacation

Credit: Joceline Martin

Thankfully, the girls began to get excited when they learned that they would be meeting their grandmother at the airport once they got to Florida. They were also excited about the shirts their parents bought them to celebrate. Plus, they had a fantastic time at The Most Magical Place on Earth.

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