Late Night Evacuation Reported at Disney Resort Hotel

Disney World Resort Evacuation

In the early morning hours of February 2, Walt Disney World Guests reported being suddenly awakened by blaring fire alarms and being evacuated from their Resort Hotel.

The Walt Disney World Resort can truly be the Most Magical Place On Earth, and its level of safety and security is a crucial reason it can achieve that potential. But sometimes, the safety measures are not at all magical. In this latest case, Guests at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge reported waking up suddenly at 3 am.

Wilderness Lodge Pool

Credit: Disney At Play

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The first word of this was seen on Walt Disney World’s subreddit where one Guest asked the discord, “Anyone else from Wilderness Lodge hers at 3am after our mass evacuation?” Many others quickly confirmed their attendance.

Anyone else from Wilderness Lodge here at 3am after our mass evacuation? 🙃
byu/SaveMeFromTheseKids inWaltDisneyWorld

One Guest said, “Yes. That alarm was so loud I woke up in a screaming delirium. Not a fun way to get woken up after being at MK until 12:30 for EEH! Just glad everything was alright.”

Another testified, “I didn’t want to be up THAT early for my trip. Now I can’t get back to sleep.”

While the reason for the fire alarm is unclear, Guests speculated that it had something to do with a small fire in the kitchen. Regardless of the reason, it was reportedly a false alarm, and no injuries were reported, save for the small bumps and bruises one might get jumping out of bed suddenly at three in the morning.

This is not the first time Disney World’s Resort hotels were evacuated due to a fire alarm, and it probably won’t be the last. Just a few months ago, a similar situation occurred at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, although the Guests were evacuated in the late morning and early afternoon. Click the link below to read more of that story.

Disney hotel Evacuation

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It should be noted that the inconvenience of being dragged out of bed should not overshadow this example of Disney’s dedication to the safety of all of its Guests. Disney’s Wilderness Lodge can be found in the Magic Kingdom Resort Area on the shores of Bay Lake.

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