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Magic Kingdom Experiences That'll Convert Disney-Haters

As hard as it is to believe there are actually those out there who, for whatever reason, do not like Walt Disney World. In many cases preconceived notions like “Disney is only for kids” or other half-baked ideas about Disney not catering to the interests of older guests fuel such untrue opinions. But the reality is that most Disney-haters have neither a clear nor accurate idea about what the true Disney World scene is all about, and are therefore living with a blind, narrow-minded misconception they only “think” they hate. Here’s a list of experiences just in Magic Kingdom Park alone that we feel will convert even the most hardened Disney-haters.



1. The wonderful world of FastPass+

A while back Disney came up with an ingenious response to increasingly lengthy wait times and long lines. The answer took the form of a revolutionary new advanced ticket reservation system known as FastPass. Over the years FastPass was enhanced even further and has now become FastPass+. While some other theme parks have tried to mimic their own versions of this clever concept, several factors cannot be denied. For starters, the Disney way is still the best way. Secondly, while some other parks may have observed the method for advanced passes, it is still a novel concept that most places do not utilize. Therefore, many people in general are still largely unfamiliar with the idea of making reservations in advance for enjoying specific rides and attractions within a slated timeframe.

So imagine the surprise of a first-time visitor to Magic Kingdom Park who comes here expecting crowds to spoil any chance for enjoying those classic and iconic must-do attractions they’ve heard so much about only to discover that there is in fact a way to enjoy up to three advanced reservations at a time! It’s enough to make even the most cynical park attendee blink a few times and secretly choke down a bubbly feeling of glee and gratitude.

2. Traveling through the park

Any visitor will quickly discover they don’t have to shuffle around Magic Kingdom Park all day long on foot. Disney has devised plenty of unique methods for traveling, not only to and from this iconic park, but for traveling within it as well. For starters, there is the awe-inspiring Walt Disney World Monorail System, which is a convenient way for Magic Kingdom Area Resort guests to venture here. It’s also an excellent way to make it back and forth to the Transportation and Ticket Center (or continue on to/return from Epcot).

While the monorail isn’t an inside park attraction, plenty of Magic Kingdom visitors can’t resist riding the loop around Seven Seas Lagoon to take in the scenic marvels along the way. Then within the park there’s the Walt Disney World Railroad, which runs through the Magic Kingdom with various departure and boarding points if you so choose to utilize this method for making rounds within the park. But you are welcome to stay onboard if you’re just along for the ride.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority
The PeopleMover - Photo Credit Disney

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, or more commonly called “The PeopleMover” is another excellent ride-through attraction that allows guests high-in-the-sky overhead vantage points overlooking some of the Magic Kingdom’s greatest marvels and attractions. It’s also very informative and allows for a few moments of rest and relaxation to sit back and soak in the surrounding sights. The Liberty Square Riverboat, also known as Liberty Belle, is another excellent option for combination relaxation, sightseeing, and taking in one of Disney’s more docile attractions—narrated by Mark Twain, no less. And on that note, there’s nearby Tom Sawyer Island waiting to be explored, only accessible by another unique in-park method of transportation. For this you must be being ferried across via raft. All in all, Magic Kingdom Park is laden with plenty of unique methods for traveling about. And for an inexperienced Disney-hater making their first visit here, it can be a pleasant surprise to uncover so many extraordinary options, sure to fuel undeniable feelings of admiration and appreciation.

3. Seeing where fact meets fantasy in theming

There is nothing messy or off about the theming within Magic Kingdom Park. In fact, even the most scrutinizing sticklers for detail will find themselves unable to criticize the design choices Disney has executed within the different lands here. Why? Because they all work so well together, and are all so accurate—even the fairytale elements, like the beanstalk growing through Sir Mickey’s, for example. And don’t forget about the liveliest dead touches ever and all those supernatural elements at work in Memento Mori, which makes this Haunted Mansion-themed store so much more than a regular shopping experience.

Haunted Mansion

On that note, we could list hundreds of other ways Disney’s Haunted Mansion attraction in general offers exceptional touches to theming with interlaced references and fascinating tidbits. What it all comes down to is that the Magic Kingdom’s theming is precisely woven into its many different lands with accuracy and precision, including all the necessary shops, attractions, characters, décor, and other designated touches that never overlap or are out of place. There are reasons, references, and methodologies around every turn in the many diverse lands. Any Disney-hater would be hard-pressed to find something to complain about in this category.

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