Shang-Chi’s Michelle Yeoh Reveals Her Techniques for Staying Sharp and Aging Gracefully

Credit: Prestige Hong Kong / Michelle Yeoh

The new Marvel Studios movieShang-Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings” has a standout member within its cast: Michelle Yeoh. Yeoh has been lauded for her acting abilities, her captivating onscreen presence, and her combat skills many times–but she’s also been praised for her natural beauty and a youthfulness that started the hashtag #MichelleYeohGlow! Part of Yeoh’s lasting physical agility and radiance stems from her daily martial arts training (sometimes for films like the new Marvel movie, and sometimes for her own regimen), but she’s also got some other tricks up her sleeve. Want to know how Michelle Yeoh stays fit, focused, and elegant for physically-demanding roles like her role as Simu Liu‘s aunt in Shang-Chi? Read on!

Bathing in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon.
Credit: Michelle Yeoh

In an interview with Instyle, Yeoh confirmed that she stays fit by doing almost two hours of daily cardio, and that her favorite form of cardio is usually shadowboxing (we wouldn’t want to mess with this action-movie star; check out her self-defense tips in the video below!). She also starts her days with warm showers that end in an icy surprise; she turns the temperature to ice-cold at the end! Although this trick might take some getting used to, the actress says that it’s very “refreshing”.

Michelle Yeoh

Credit: Instyle

Credit: Michelle Yeoh

Like anyone who exercises daily, Yeoh knows a thing or two about stretching. The Malaysian actress does yoga often, and always tries to move it outside when she can. As Yeoh herself put it, “When you’re surrounded by nature, it’s a shame not to be part of it.”

Credit: Prestige Hong Kong / Michelle Yeoh

Since Yeoh exercises so diligently every day, she allows herself some leniency when it comes to diet. Nothing is off the table, literally and figuratively, and the martial arts star lists “red wine” and “frozen yogurt” as favorites. When it comes to skincare, the legendary Bond girl tends to follow a standard K-beauty skincare routine that involves several different levels of toning and moisturizing, including a Tatcha smoothing essence and high-end Augustinus Bader moisturizer. Sunscreen, sheet masks, eye patches, and face masks like Guerlain’s are also constants in her regimen; she uses sunscreen and a sheet mask every day! We suspect that the physical energy-boosts from training for a movie like “Shang-Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings” also contribute to her skin’s health, though!

Credit: Byrdie

Which part of Michelle Yeoh’s daily routine seems the most helpful to you? Are you going to adapt any of these habits into your lifestyle, and have you seen her in “Shang-Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings” yet?


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