Mickey Mouse Shares Magical Moment With Walt Disney Lookalike

bill burns walt disney lookalike posing with mickey mouse

Walt Disney made a return to Disneyland Resort recently! The founder of the Walt Disney Company and all things Disney apparently has a doppelganger in the form of an enthusiastic Disney Guest, who deigned to pose with the Disney character Mickey Mouse recently in a fun attempt to recreate an iconic Disney scene: Walter Elias Disney with his creation Mickey Mouse, which is already immortalized in a famous Disney statue shown below.

Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue

The famous statue of Walt Disney and the Disney character Mickey Mouse. Credit: AEJ Images

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The cosplayer known as Bill Burns undoubtedly bears a strong resemblance to Walt Disney Company and Disney Parks founder Walter Elias Disney, who worked alongside his brother Roy Disney — and when Bill Burns met Mickey Mouse on a recent trip to Disneyland Resort, the reaction of the esteemed Disney mouse was adorable and, for many Disney fans, very meaningful!

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Bill Burns visited the Disneyland Resort during Dapper Day in his Walt Disney getup and cosplay outfit, anticipating a lot of Disney magic. The reactions, however, still surpassed his expectations — both from other Disney Guests and from Mickey Mouse. 

When the Disney character Mickey Mouse saw Bill Burns portraying Walt Disney, Burns wrote on Instagram that the iconic Disney mouse apparently “stopped, stood there and just stared for what seemed like forever.” Then Mickey came closer to give ‘Walt Disney’ a long hug. 

Walt Disney as a young man and illustrator

Walt Disney, the man behind Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and more! Credit: Walt Disney Family Museum

“That hug he gave you is how we all hug him,” another Disney fan pointed out on the Instagram post. “It probably filled mickeys heart to see his old friend again,” another fan pointed out. Take a look at this sweet moment between a Disney fan and a Disney icon — which is a phrase that could work both ways, in this case — in the Instagram posts shown above!  

“I am beyond grateful for the amount of support and love I’ve received in the past 24 hours,” Bill Burns later wrote. “I could not believe in my wildest dreams to have my Walt Disney go viral the way it did. Thank you to all and I truly cannot wait to share more magical moments with everyone.”

Were you lucky enough to see this Disney cosplay in action at Disneyland during Dapper Day? 

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