Disney Adult Throws Temper Tantrum Over Mickey Pumpkin

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Disney adults (i.e. adult Disney fans who do not have any children, and therefore travel to Disney Parks or Disney Resorts alone or with childless adult friends) have gotten a bad rap from many other Disney fans in recent years. Now, one particularly passionate Disney adult named Megan has taken to TikTok to share an issue that has apparently caused her great distress: autumnal Mickey merchandise.

Megan the Magical Millennial (@themagicalmillennial_) is a Disney adult with over 129,000 followers on TikTok. In Megan’s TikTok profile, she says that she is “sharing the Disney magic” — but apparently, Megan has a big bone to pick with Disney that might take away from her own magical Disney experiences!


The Mickey Pumpkin on Main Street at Disneyland Resort is considered to be a fall and autumn staple for fall-loving Disneyland Guests.

Megan, the aforementioned TikToker and social media influencer, was apparently waiting with bated breath for news about a very specific autumnal Disney product: “a giant Mickey pumpkin.” The large Mickey pumpkin that usually adorns Main Street in Disneyland is a recognizable fall decoration at Disneyland Resort, but the pumpkin replica that is now available for purchase has just been released — and, unfortunately for Megan the Magical Millennial, this week is the one week that will not allow her to visit Disneyland due to other commitments.

“Cue the full Disney adult tantrum,” Megan wrote on TikTok in her angry video’s caption. “It’s a giant Mickey pumpkin. Like the one on Main Street,” Megan huffed in the video, adding that she has “lost sleep over this” because she wanted the giant replica of the Disneyland Main Street Mickey pumpkin so badly.


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Apparently, Megan and other Disney fans have been eagerly waiting for Disneyland’s 2022 Halloween merchandise “for weeks.”

Walt Disney World Resort has already begun decorating for the autumn season (even as summer storms continue to hit Disney’s Florida theme parks), mainly due to the return of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party — and clearly, Disneyland is beginning the transition to fall as well (even if TikToker and Disney Adult Megan is missing out on the fun)!

disney fall autumn mickey wreaths cinderella pumpkin wreaths

The iconic Mickey Mouse pumpkin wreaths in the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World Resort have been switched to Cinderella pumpkin carriage wreaths for the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort.

Are you making a trip to Disneyland this week to grab your own replica of the giant Mickey pumpkin from Main Street?

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