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TikTokers Accuse Disney of Sabotaging the ‘Sword in the Stone’ Challenge

sword in the stone

It’s safe to say that social media influencers doubling as Disney Guests have had a strong impact on the Disney Parks, whether they’re sharing content from Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort or Disney properties further abroad like Shanghai Disneyland Resort.

Not everyone is happy about the amount of TikTok influencers or Instagram influencers populating Disney Parks and sharing live footage from their Disney days, but TIkTokers have become very common in Disney Parks regardless — and now, some TikTok users are teaming up to point out potential sabotage happening in Walt Disney World Resort!

The theories about sabotage have started because one TikToker, Jojo Crichton, is trying to successfully pull the sword from the Sword in the Stone monument in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park. This frequent Disney World visitor keeps trying to remove the sword and therefore become the King of Fantasyland, with several comical attempts, including being kind to the sword and trying to use the Force like a Jedi Master.


Reply to @yaboidanjan best way to pull the sword is to be nice 😊 #jojosworld #disneyworld #wdw #fyp

♬ original sound – JoJo

You can see these two attempts in the TikTok videos below! Unfortunately, Jojo Crichton has not succeeded, and this has caused several of his followers to suggest that Disney has rigged the Sword in the Stone (just like an arcade game) so that no one can actually win and pull out the sword.

One follower commented that “Disney has something against viral TikTokers,” suggesting that the alleged sabotage is deliberately aimed at social media influencers or bloggers. Another follower responded to this comment, tagging Disney in the post and seeking a response. Disney has not responded to the inquiry on TikTok so far.


Reply to @johndoesdis instead of the force ima just use my lightsaber 😅 #jojosworld #disneyworld #wdw #fyp

♬ original sound – JoJo

The Sword in the Stone is generally based on the sword in the stone from the 1938 T.H. White book that was, in turn, based on the Arthurian legend about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table — but Disney’s sword attraction in the Magic Kingdom is essentially based on the 1963 Disney movie version of the story, which is shown below.

arthur sword in the stone

Arthur removes the sword from the stone in the 1963 Disney movie ‘The Sword in the Stone.’ Credit: Disney

Have you ever managed to pull the sword from the Sword in the Stone Disney World monument or the Disneyland Sword in the Stone monument located by King Arthur’s Carousel?

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