VIDEO: More TikTok Trends Find Their Way to Disney Parks

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In yet another instance of TikTok finding its way into a Disney Park, another TikTok trend video has gone viral.

TikTok and Disney Parks have a contentious relationship. Disney Guests and fans often point to the social media platform and its nature of garnering views to explain some of the bizarre happenings at the Disney Parks.


Mickey Mouse at Disneyland/Disney

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In the most recent iteration of the TikTok-Disney Park saga, another popular TikTok trend found its way to Southern California at the Disneyland Resort. Disney Guest and TikToker Kayla Kipp-Nobles, @kaylakippnobles on the platform, shared a video intended to be humorous, of her at Disneyland Park.

Check it out:


got him? #dance #comedia #prank #fyp #fypシ #foryou #trending #disney #donaldduck #disneyland #disneyparks #twerk #candy #halloween

♬ Kaala Chasma Viral Trending Song – Kinston

In the video, Kayla enacts a current TikTok trend where she twerks right in front of Donald Duck, who immediately turns away and covers his eyes.

However, the video quickly went viral, and the OP got many responses — some applauding the humorous take, and others questioning the necessity for the actions.

Tiktok user cierra armas commented, “He said daisy not gonna catch me lookin at NOTHIN ???.” And others seconded the humor, saying it was “the best one yet,” and @ChubbyChula89 even said, “Donald has had enough of those damn kids ?.”

On the flip side, @Boltchick88 commented, “Does no one have class or tact anymore?” and other users such as @payton and @Erin bo berin even went so far as to say this was “six flags” and “universal studios behavior.”

TikTok user @_disney._stuff_ even stitched the video with the caption, “Poor Donald didn’t know what to do.”


#duet with @kaylakippnobles Poor Donald didn’t know what to do #disney #disneyland #donaldduck #disneyworld #magickingdom #disneyparks #disneytiktok #dance

♬ Kaala Chasma Viral Trending Song – Kinston

One user’s comment, in particular, elicited a reaction from the OP. @hannah_elise0 commented, “do people no realize how uncomfortable this makes the characters?”

Kipp-Nobles responded to this comment with the following video:


Replying to @hannah_elise0 bold of u to assume and speak on behalf of the CM… BUT ANYWAYS? #dance #comedia #prank #fyp #fpyシ #foryou #trending #disney #donaldduck #disneyland #disneyparks #twerk #candy #halloween #foryoupage

♬ original sound – Kayla Kipp-Nobles

The line between humor and tact is always thin in these types of situations, and often Disney fans find themselves on opposite sides of it. Many fans always stand up for Cast Members and characters, reminding people that they may not be comfortable with these antics. However, others feel like a bit of humor is always called for. Earlier this month, another viral TikToker visiting Disneyland Park was involved in a similar situation.

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It’s always important to remember to be respectful of the Cast Members considering they are the heart of the Disney Park experience. As long as Guests are being considerate of the Cast Members, photos, videos, and other interactions are actively encouraged at the Parks.

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