VIDEO: Viral TikToker Infuriates Former Cast Member

viral tiktoker cast member

A former Cast Member spoke out about some videos from a viral TikToker, infuriated with their behavior at a Disney Park.

TikTok has certainly had an impact on Disney Parks considering many TikTokers create content while at the Parks. Unfortunately, TikTok trends have also influenced and caused Guests to partake in behaviors that are most certainly not allowed. One TikTok “hack” even caused Cast Members to stop gifting shirts.


Mickey Mouse at Disneyland/Disney

This time, the TikToker at the center of controversy is Pearl Cooley — @pearliesparklez2. Cooley is well-known and loved on social media for filming TikToks where she dances in public. Cooley often runs up to strangers and asks them to film a video for her, then proceeds to make them laugh with eccentric stories and funny dance moves. Her reputation by and large is one of being kind and sweet.

Cooley visited Disneyland Park on August 18, and during her visit to the Park and Disney California Adventure, Cooley asked Disney characters to film TikToks with her. This was also confirmed by other Guests who visited the Disney Park that day. Cooley then proceeded to do her famous “hounding” dance—to Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog.” The move is one that made her go viral.

Check it out:


Hounding on Disney #disneyland

♬ original sound – Pearl Cooley

The video gained a lot of traction and received a lot of attention. Most comments were supportive, but a choice few questioned Cooley about why she danced like that. This blew up enough that a former Disney entertainment Cast Member and character performer, @TremaineTok, known for Disney Parks commentary, watched the video and responded to it.

@TremaineTok’s opinion was simple, as evidenced in the caption to their video: “Yeah, no.”


Yeah, no #disney #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #castmember #disneyperformer

♬ original sound – TremaineTok

The creator followed it up with a comment asking “What the heck was that?!”

@TremainTok described Cooley’s “hounding” as “some weird, awkward TikTok trend,” and expressed that the latter’s video was inappropriate and exploitative:

“This person is using these performers as a prop so that they can make viral Internet content. These people do not get paid nearly enough to deal with all that nonsense or for you to use them for money and clout. Because at the end of the day, even if you’re not getting a dollar amount from making these videos, you’re still getting attention and clout on a public platform. That’s still exploitative.”

Comments on @TremaineTok’s video typically defended Cooley, pointing out that she asked for permission and that the situation was less serious than @TremaineTok was making it out to be.

As @king_armideon said, ““It’s not ‘a [tik] tok trend’ it’s literally her entire content. She’s the only person who does this in random places. She’s also a sweetheart.”

It’s unclear at this moment whether the Cast Members truly had a problem with Cooley’s videos. Cast Members are used to bad behavior from Guests and are well trained in how to handle those situations. Though it’s markedly worse when these TikTok trends cause Guests to indulge in dangerous or prohibited behaviors.

This said, most Cast Members encourage Guests to take photos and videos during interactions so provided Cooley did her due, perhaps it is just a standard TikTok video that got blown out of proportion.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to keep you updated about all Disney and Disney Park news as it comes to light.

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