Movie-Loving Mom Defends ‘Disney’ Baby Names


Even though many Disney fans have been naming their children after Disney characters — be they Disney princesses, Disney princes, Disney sidekicks, or even Disney villains — there are always plenty of naysayers who criticize these baby names and criticize “Disney Adults” for placing their Disney fan status on babies who do not yet know if they themselves will actually like their namesake characters.

However, just as there are naysayers, there are also always Disney fans who keep up the tradition of giving their babies Disney names — and even after the backlash that a Love Island couple recently faced for naming their baby “Bambi”, one other British Disney-loving mom has just confirmed her own satisfaction with her choice of Disney names for her own daughter!


Two ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ dancers recently named their daughter after a Disney character.

According to this article from the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom, a woman named Becky Roberts insisted on naming her daughter with not one, but two Disney names “despite disapproval from her friends and family”.

The 28-year-old mother from Thatcham, Berkshire, has reportedly “always loved the animated films.” Becky’s daughter Kiara is seven now, but she is named after the lioness from The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride (1998).



Her middle name is also a Disney name: Rose, after the Enchanted Rose from the 1991 movie Beauty and the Beast. A middle name is more subtle, and the name Kiara is actually a more subtle name as well (at least compared to names like Elsa, Anna, and Ursula) since there are plenty of people who have not seen the Lion King sequel. However, Becky’s names for her daughter were still a problem in her family.

“A lot of people, like my family, turned their noses up at it and kept saying things like ‘what sort of a name is that?” Becky reminisced. “No-one really liked it apart from me and my partner. We knew it was going to be an unusual name from the start because people were quite shocked. The only other ‘person’ I’ve met called Kiara was actually a dog.”

Lion King

(L-R) Simba (voice by Matthew Broderick), Rafiki (voice by Robert Guillaume), Kiara, Nala (voice by Moira Kelly)
©Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Becky also “started a collection of Disney DVDs for [her] daughter to have on her shelf” while she was pregnant with Kiara, which is how she first noticed the name (which also has some similarities with “the Irish name ‘Ciara'”).

Disney baby names have been a hot topic lately, mainly due to the decision of “former Love Island stars Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury” to reportedly name their daughter Bambi (and a similar decision from two Strictly Come Dancing contestants).

Kiara apparently loves Disney movies as a child now; hopefully, Hague and Fury’s daughter Bambi will too! What do you think of parents who name their children after Disney characters?

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