Movie Review: ‘The Princess Switch: Switched Again’

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When the holiday season and Christmas festivities begin, many people will be in the mood for cozy, fluffy Christmas movies or books. The genre of the lighthearted royal Christmas romcom (usually involving a prince and a castle at Christmastime) has become particularly popular, and the main catalyst for the royal Christmas romance genre’s popularity seemed to be Netflix’s movie A Christmas Prince (which premiered on Netflix in 2016) as well as its sequels, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding (2018) and A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby (2019). Netflix expanded its Christmas royal rom-com genre with another series soon after, starring Disney darling Vanessa Hudgens, and her series has also become a cult favorite!


Vanessa Hudgens as Stacy DeNovo. Credit: Pinterest

The fluffy Christmas romance movies that Vanessa stars in are called The Princess Switch (2018), Princess Switch: Switched Again (2019), and Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star (2021). In the first movie, Vanessa played two characters: Stacy DeNovo, a Chicago baker, and Lady Margaret Delacourt, the Duchess of Montenaro. Stacy and Margaret run into each other during a baking show competition in Belgravia, and discover that they have an uncanny resemblance to one another (due to a relative back in the family line). Margaret wants to experience normal life before her arranged marriage to Prince Edward of Belgravia (played by Sam Palladio), so the two girls switch places–but when Margaret falls in love with Stacy’s friend Kevin (played by Nick Sagar) and Stacy falls in love with Prince Edward, only Christmas magic and true love can save the day!


Vanessa Hudgens as Lady Margaret Delacourt in ‘The Princess Switch: Switched Again’. Credit: Pinterest

While we’ve already explained why the first movie, The Princess Switch, is worth watching, the second movie sees Stacy and Margaret’s adventures continue with more royal romance and Christmas hijinks. Lady Margaret Delacourt, the Duchess of Montenaro, is about to become the Queen of Montenaro–and the pressure has caused her to break things off with Kevin. Meanwhile, Stacy and Prince Edward are happily married but are finding it hard to make time for one another. When Margaret’s cousin Lady Fiona Pembroke (also played by Vanessa Hudgens) devises a scheme to switch places with Margaret and steal the throne, things get complicated…particularly because Stacy and Margaret had already switched places for the day!


Vanessa Hudgens as Lady Fiona Pembroke in ‘The Princess Switch: Switched Again’. Credit: Pinterest


Nick Sagar as Kevin Johnson and Vanessa Hudgens as Lady Fiona Pembroke in ‘The Princess Switch: Switched Again’. Credit: POPSUGAR

This sequel does not disappoint when it comes to royal Christmas fluff, and it’s unexpectedly entertaining. Some side characters might be over-the-top, but Vanessa Hudgens excels in all three of her roles and the overall aesthetic of the movie is delightfully Christmassy and glamorous. If you want romance, ballgowns, and royal Christmas capers, then give this sequel a try! Fans of the Christmas Prince series that was previously mentioned will also be excited to see a cameo from certain characters!

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