New Merchandise Coming to Shanghai Disney Resort for Duffy’s New Friend LinaBell!

Credit: Disney

We recently shared the news that Duffy the Disney Bear has a brand new friend, LinaBell, and today we learned that LinaBell is getting a new line of merchandise at Shanghai Disney Resort!

While we have no word on LinaBell making it over to the Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland, we’re hopeful that it may be a possibility somewhere down the line, and regardless could not help but share this new merchandise because it is so adorable.

Duffy’s new friend LinaBell, in case you need a refresher, is a very inquisitive fox. As the story goes, she met Duffy when he was lost in the forest searching for Mickey, and she used her expert problem solving skills to help the two reunite! LinaBell will make her debut at Shanghai Disneyland on September 29, and Disney just released images of some of the new merchandise and treats Guests can expect to find in the park.

LinaBell will debut with brand new plushes, bags, stationary, and the item that we believe will be the most popular, a souvenir popcorn bucket.

Credit: Disney

This magnifying glass accessory comes not only with this super design, but it ties directly back to LinaBell’s story of how she and Duffy met! She used her magnifying glass to examine the flowers and butterflies stuck to Duffy while he was lost as clues to help him get back to Mickey.

Credit: Disney

Any Duffy plush is always high on fans’ wish lists and this set including LinaBell is no exception to that. We know that Duffy is particularly popular in Asia’s Disney parks, but we think he’d be a success here too, (hint, hint, Disney, if you’re reading this…) We remember fondly and miss the days when Duffy had a meet and greet location and merchandise in EPCOT!

Credit: Disney

This popcorn bucket is one of our favorites in the new collection, and we’re sure it will be a hit in Shanghai Disneyland. Popcorn buckets are one of the most popular souvenir items in any Disney theme park right now, and this one certainly fits the bill.

Credit: Disney

This stationery kit is another one of our favorites, we love the pen and everything! If you happen to be in Shanghai Disneyland soon, this set looks like a really neat gift to bring back home for any fans of Duffy and friends you may be shopping for.

In addition to the above merchandise, and more, LinaBell-themed treats will be available in select quick service locations around the park beginning September 29 and running through October. Guests who purchase the plush doll, a special LinaBell drink offering or the popcorn bucket can also receive a commemorative card (limited to the first 15,000 plush sales and 1,000 drinks and popcorn buckets sold.)

We can’t get enough of LinaBell and are looking forward to following her adventures with Duffy from afar!

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