New Experiences Coming to Tomorrowland Ahead of Tron Opening

New Tomorrowland Experiences Before Tron Opens

Perhaps you’ve heard the rumors that the Tron Lightcycle/Run will open on April 4? At this point, it’s been pretty difficult to escape the news of Walt Disney World’s latest thrill ride. But Disney recently announced that several other changes will be coming to Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom to help welcome the new attraction.

The new Tron coaster has been in the works for years, and Walt Disney World fans eagerly await its public opening. Annual Pass Holders have already been given a sneak preview of the new ride, and some have found the seats to be less than accommodating. Tron has been under construction since 2017, and Park Guests have seen its steady progress and will now have the opportunity to ride it for the first time.

New Tomorrowland Experiences Before Tron Opens

Credit: Disney

But it’s more than just the coaster that’s coming to Tomorrowland. Disney has gone all-in on the Tron experience, and some significant changes are coming to Tomorrowland for the grand opening of the new ride.

Earlier this week, Tron was officially added to the map on the My Disney Experience App, and the addition of the Energy Bytes! Kiosk, serving Tron-inspired food to the masses.

So, that covers the map and the food, but now comes the all-important merchandise. It started this morning with the renaming of the Tomorrowland Light and Power Company, a merchandise store located just outside of Space Mountain. From now on, the location will be called the Tomorrowland Launch Depot.

New Tomorrowland Experiences Before Tron Opens

Disney also announced today that a new pop-up shop filled with Tron merchandise will be opening in front of the former location of Stitch’s Laugh Factory. Taryn Johnson, Senior Manager for Brand Merchandising with Global Product Creation at Disney, explained the importance of this new merchandise.

There are generations of guests now visiting Walt Disney World who grew up playing the TRON video games and imagining their bicycles were Lightcycles. These collections have a dash of 1980s nostalgia mixed with incredibly fun items that continue the thrills of this new Tomorrowland attraction at home.

But the most significant announcement today came with Disney introducing the new Tron Identity Program. Users will enter the Grid Digitization Portal located in the Tomorrowland Launch Depot. Once a user is inside, they can create an action figure that looks and sounds just like you.

New Tomorrowland Experiences Before Tron Opens

Tron Identity Program Credit: Disney

All Users will undergo an image capture process that will scan their facial features and transfer them to their action figure. Users then select a helmet and a body configuration and finally capture six lines of dialogue in their voice. Disney estimates that the process will take around 20 minutes to complete, but Guests must return at least 60 minutes later to retrieve their action figures.

Disney has not listed prices for the Tron Identity Program, but reservations will open on March 21 for Guests to begin booking their experiences starting April 4, the day that the Tron Lightcycle opens to the public.

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