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Our New Favorite Treats Around Disney World Parks

Walt Disney World Resort is home to a number of delicious novelty eats, from distinctive cuisine features at some of their famed restaurant venues to on-the-go simple snacks that are anything but. Wherever your taste buds take you, you’re sure to encounter magical morsels that are unique to Disney, and sometimes even specific to a particular location within Walt Disney World, whether at a resort, a spot in Disney Springs, or within one of the various theme parks. And because delectable developments are always in the works, it’s not surprising to discover different foods on each visit. Here is a list of some of our newer favorite treats that have recently made their way to Disney World Parks and are already achieving praise and popularity.

1. Joffrey’s Mini Donuts

If you haven’t been to Disney World lately but happen to be a fan of those Big Ol’ Donuts offered at various Joffrey’s kiosk locations, then we have a treat for you. A few months ago a brand new line of Joffrey’s mini donuts made its way onto the Disney World scene. While smaller than their predecessors, these miniature morsels pack plenty of punch to give the Big Ol’ Donut a run for its money. Choose from a seemingly innumerable array of flavors and available toppings, with the promise for even more unique concoctions always underway. From different cereals to gummies and other candies, chocolate chips to one-of-a-kind and classic icing options alike, we can’t pinpoint all the fun, flavorful toppings you’re likely to uncover. Mini donuts are available in customized packs of four at the price of $4.99 a pack. Currently they can be found around Magic Kingdom Park as well as at Disney’s neighboring Contemporary Resort and at Disney Springs. We have no doubt they’ll soon be popping up at other Walt Disney World park and resort locations as well.

2. Peanut Butter Brownie

Another new Joffrey’s product, which made its appearance known just a few weeks ago yet is already drawing in scores of fans, is the new Peanut Butter Brownie. This rich, decadently moist morsel takes on the form of a gooey chocolate brownie that’s been given a premium peanut butter upgrade. Topped with a coating layer of chocolate frosting and a lot of peanut butter buttercream to boot, other explosive highlights to its overall consistency include crumbled peanut butter cups and drizzled peanut butter sauce. You will find this desirable peanut butter and chocolate-lover’s dream come true being served up at the Joffrey’s stand in Epcot, right around the Pin Traders in the World Showcase. It currently goes for $4.99.

Peanut Butter Brownie

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3. The Lost Princess Cone

Several months ago Storybook Treats at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park introduced a refreshing new Tangled-inspired ice cream snack rightfully known as the Lost Princess Cone. And already, guests are finding this lost luxury to be a new hit amongst the park’s renowned themed ice cream favorites. As one many recently launched concoctions doling out Dole Whip with a novel twist, this cool creation comes as a lemon-flavored soft-serve decked out atop a colorful purple sugar cone and garnished with edible flowers throughout. You can find The Lost Princess Cone currently available at a price of $5.99.

4. An “Up” lifting refresher

Raise your spirits “up” with an Up!-inspired refresher that was recently added to the line of offerings at Animal Kingdom’s Warung Outpost. Introducing the Himalayan Explorer cocktail. Geared exclusively toward adult tastes for its alcohol consistency, this enticing compilation brings together Warung’s own strawberry and mango margarita flavors in layers and then topped with a splash of blue curacao. Several months ago they also presented a delectable cupcake inspired by Kevin—the big bright bird from Up!, whose recent popularity at Animal Kingdom has been no flighty matter. The colorful confection came as a yellow cake cupcake with baked-in sprinkles, filled with strawberry mousse, and topped with a sky of blue buttercream, crispy white chocolate-coated balloons, fondant leaves, and a detailed edible image of Kevin herself. While no longer officially listed on the menu, this well loved treat had a huge following, and fans hold onto hope for a return to the menu (or seasonal offering at the very least).

5. New Neighborhood Bakery bites

The recent reimagining of Pixar Place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios into Incredibles-themed Municiberg has added a brand new flavor to the park, and with it, a host of “incredible” tastes at the newly opened Neighborhood Bakery kiosk spot. First on our list is cool Key Lime Pie on a Stick. Pretty self-explanatory in what it is, this awesomely refreshing treat really takes the cake (or should we say pie?) in mouth-watering flavor. And the convenience of eating it on a stick (much like a popsicle) is an added bonus for on-the-go guests. Another treat boasting a huge fan following is none other than the Num Num Cookie. Packed with the perfect blend of gooey goodness and warm flakiness, this large chocolate chip cookie tart is out-of-this-world phenomenal. Two featured beverage concoctions also ranking high on visitors’ lists are the Frozen Slush and Secret Identity. The first is a Fanta Blue Raspberry slush, garnished with whipped cream, and a sprinkling of blue Pop Rocks candies. The Secret Identity reveals itself to be a frozen Coca-Cola topped with cherry-flavored cotton candy and Pop Rocks candies. Other delightful offerings guests can bite into at the Neighborhood Bakery include the Incredible Hero Sandwich, the Masked Pretzel with Cheese, Pop Secret Popcorn, and Apple Cobbler.

Himalayan Explorer and Kevin Cupcake

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6. Cookie Crunch Brownie

A recent addition to the desserts offered at Epcot’s Electric Umbrella is providing chocolate-crazed fans with something new and decadently good to chew on. It’s the Cookie Crunch Brownie, and despite being on the menu for only a couple of months at most, it’s already one of the latest hits. Who can resist this powerfully packed brownie, with chocolate ganache and chopped chocolate cookies and cream? The Cookie Crunch Brownie currently goes for $4.79.

7. The lion’s share of awesome new eats

There has been a recent array of limited time offerings throughout Disney Parks over the course of the last several months. And while some items have since vanished from certain menus, others are only just roaring onto the scene. With the highly anticipated live action version of The Lion King set to hit theaters this month, visitors to Walt Disney World at this time will undoubtedly notice a wide range of special limited time themed treats in celebration of movie. One only has to venture to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park for such “mane” attractions among featured food favorites. Over at Tamu Tamu Refreshments, for instance, you can dive into a delectable new Simba Ice Cream Sandwich comprised of two chocolate chip cookies wedged together by a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, an edible image of Simba, and surrounded by a mane of chocolate frosting along with a milk chocolate tail. Another refreshing pick on the current Tamu Tamu menu is Simba’s Sunset Dole Whip—a cool concoction of pineapple Dole Whip, topped with a red syrup consistency of strawberry, watermelon, and coconut. They also offer an alcoholic variety called the King’s Cooler, which features all the previously mentioned ingredients with the addition of rum. Other Lion King-inspired beverages include the Asante Slush and the Serengeti Sangria. The first is an icy blend of watermelon and mango passion fruit flavors with the option to add vodka or drink as is in non-alcoholic format. You will find it at the Shave Ice Cart currently stationed near Harambe Market. The Serengeti Sangria is made up in the tradition of your usual sangria, featuring Hum South African Tangerine liqueur in the compound. It can be gotten at various locations throughout the park, including Boneyard Bar, Dawa Bar, and Harambe Market. On a sweeter, confectionary note, Pizzafari is presenting a limited time Simba Cupcake made of yellow cake, filled with white chocolate mousse, and garnished with a sweet buttercream. An edible candy image of Simba sits atop, framed by a mane of yellow and orange icing. For a cool concoction with some of Timon and Pumbaa’s favorite treats in mind, another new must-have this summer is the Bugs ‘N Grub Waffle Cone. Much tastier than it sounds, this soft-serve chocolate ice cream creation, delivered up in a bright green cone, is smattered with cookies and cream dirt crumbs and is embedded with gummy worms as well as a great big chocolate beetle. You can forage for the Bugs ‘N Grub Waffle Cone at both Trilo-Bites and the Anandapur Ice Cream Bus. Also remember to check out other Lion King-themed favorites at other Disney venues, including Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Simba Ice Cream Sandwich

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8. Cone 2319

Whether you were part of the lucky few who just happened to try the one-day exclusive 2319 Emergency Cupcake offered at Cosmic Ray’s this past February 3, (2-3-19) and just couldn’t get enough, or you’re an eager foodie who never had the chance to even try it but would like to, then Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies has a treat for you! Contamination has never tasted so good with their new Monsters, Inc.-inspired soft-serve cone, rightfully named Cone 2319 after the dreaded 2319 decontamination emergency fans of the movie will immediately recognize. The soft-serve comes in a flavorful swirl of mango and vanilla, plopped on top of a bright orange cone and contaminated by a tasty sock cookie on top and a smattering of sprinkles. Cone 2319 currently stands at $5.99.

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9. Redd’s Revenge

There is a cool new Dole Whip dropping anchor in the Magic Kingdom. And while it hasn’t been a park staple for very long, its pillaging ways into the taste buds of countless guests already has earned it a reputation for being the next big thing. It’s Redd’s Revenge, inspired by the character of Redd from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction over in Adventureland. She has gone from the highly “wanted redhead” at the auction to joining in the pirate’s life herself in recent years. And this new Dole Whip float, crafted in her honor, celebrates all her “reddiness” through a bold combination of flavors that work well together. First there’s the composition of a strawberry soft-serve Dole Whip paired with strawberry-flavored Fanta soda. Then the inclusion of a red hat made out of chocolate really tops things off, giving balance to the strawberry so that it is not overdone. Redd’s Revenge can be yours for $6.99 at Sunshine Tree Terrace.

10. Chocolate Extreme Shake

Ultimate fans of that great stuff they call chocolate, rejoice! Your most decadent dreams have come true at last with the unveiling of the Chocolate Extreme Shake at Magic Kingdom Park’s Plaza Restaurant. Dished up in a tall glass, this crazy concoction packs a mega sugar rush into every serving. First and foremost, it is a chocolate milkshake. Then living up to its title for being “extreme,” the pilings take things to the max, with the inclusion of a glazed donut, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, chocolate shavings, an entire chocolate ice cream cone, whipped cream, and a Mickey marshmallow straw! The new Chocolate Extreme Shake only just recently debuted, but chocolate fanatics have already pumped this one up in the runners for dessert favorites, even rivaling the infamous Kitchen Sink sundae. The shake goes for $14, which is an excellent deal considering it’s the equivalent of about four or five desserts in one. Please note, however, this treat is served in-restaurant only (table service), and is not intended to be an on-the-go order. It is also not eligible to count towards one of The Plaza’s renowned All-You-Care-To-Enjoy Milkshake offerings.

In addition to the great park favorites we’ve just highlighted, several other new fan favorites have been popping up in nearby Disney Springs, as well as onsite at several favorite Walt Disney World Resort properties. Many snacks (largely excluding those containing alcohol) are even snack credit eligible for those on the Disney Dining Plan. Just remember that all items, including featured favorites, are always subject to change. But with Disney World constantly conjuring up new magical morsels, you can always rejoice in future favorites to come as well.

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