PHOTOS: Disney Adding Disabled Dolls to “it’s a small world”

it's a small world update

Walt Disney Imagineers are taking the initiative to make “it’s a small world” even more inclusive than it already is. During the attraction’s latest closure at Disneyland in preparation for the annual reveal of “it’s a small world Holiday, it appears that Imagineers added some animatronic dolls in wheelchairs.


Credit: Disney

The news was shared by Disneyland Paris insider @DLPReport, who shared pictures and said,

“Disneyland is unveiling two new dolls in wheelchairs for ‘it’s a small world.’ They will also be featured at Disneylnad PAris when the attraction reopens in 2023.”

Check it out:

Since its inception for the World’s Fair, the happiest cruise to ever sail has included children from every corner of the world, but for over the first 50+ years of the attraction’s tenure, all of the kids have been able-bodied. This is the first time that an overtly handicapped child will be featured in the multicultural chorus.

While this addition is already confirmed for Disneyland Resort in California and Disneyland Paris Resort, it is unclear if or when this addition will be made to the variant at Magic Kingdom Park at the Walt Disney World Resort.

This news comes after several less-than-flattering malfunction stories have come out of all three of these attractions over the past few months. These dolls make their debut with Disneyland Park’s traditional holiday overlay: “it’s a small world” holiday which reopened to the public today, Friday, November 11.

Disneyland Resort describes Walt’s classic attraction, in part, as the following:

“The Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed”

Voyage along the Seven Seaways canal and behold a cast of almost 300 Audio-Animatronics dolls representing children from every corner of the globe as they sing the classic anthem to world peace—in their native languages. 

Amid vibrant backdrops, you’ll travel through country after country, and by journey’s end, you’ll see that it really is a small world after all.

Small World Holiday

Credit: Disney

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