PHOTOS: New Design Details from ‘Moana’ Inspired Attraction

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Calling all Moana and Auli’i Cravalho fans, we have an exciting update about EPCOT, at Disney World’s, upcoming Moana-themed attraction.

Walt Disney Imagineering’s Lead Concept Designer, Reid Eckman, took to the Disney Parks Blog to share the exciting news. The new World Nature ride is taking shape quickly per Eckman, and they’ve begun more work onsite.

'Journey of Water' Concept Photo/Disney Parks Blog

‘Journey of Water’ Concept Photo/Disney Parks Blog

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The Walt Disney Imagineering team revealed previously that the ride will be themed on the water cycle. As Eckman put it,

“‘Journey of Water’ will allow guests to explore and engage with water as it travels from our skies to our oceans and back again.”

He continues, explaining that the team was inspired by Moana’s fierce determination to protect her environment and her special bond with the water: “We are excited for Guests to learn about the importance of water and experience its playful personality just as she did.”

Rockwork for the 'Journey of Water'/Disney Parks Blog

Principal Dimensional Designer Jim Towler sculpting the foam maquette of Moana/Disney Parks Blog

The latest update is that the Walt Disney Imagineering team and crew of artisans have begun sculpting the rockwork in this immersive exploration trail. In the blog, Eckman goes on to detail the fascinating process and hard work that goes into making a Disney Park ride what it eventually becomes.

The Disney Imagineer says,

“As part of our design process, Imagineers create models, mock-ups, and maquettes to bring our beloved characters and stories into the parks in sometimes unexpected ways… Once the pose of the character is defined, sculptors add detail and texture until the emotional expression of the carving is just right. We then do a paint study and often create full-scale samples to test final materials and carving techniques. This process ensures the production and creative vision for the experience align.”

Rockwork for 'Journey of Water' at EPCOT/DIsney Parks Blog

Rockwork for ‘Journey of Water’ at EPCOT, Walt Disney World Resort /Disney Parks Blog

‘Journey of Water‘ will be brought to life within World Nature, which, as many fans know, is EPCOT’s neighborhood dedicated to understanding and preserving the beauty and balance of the natural world at Walt Disney World Resort.

While Disney has not yet revealed the official date for the ‘Journey of Water‘s opening, this exciting new update hopefully means that Moana’s very own Theme Park attraction will come to fruition sooner rather than later!

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