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Is This Beloved ‘Pirates’ Ride Approaching Closure?

disney pirates of the caribbean ride
Credits: Disney and Canva

Even though¬†Pirates of the Caribbean 6¬†still doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon (no matter how many teaser trailers are released), many Captain Jack Sparrow fans have been able to get their pirating adventure thrills by frequently enjoying the Pirates of the Caribbean slow-moving water ride in Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.

Unfortunately, however, that Disney vacation staple is facing some serious challenges and might soon be out of commission!

pirates of the caribbean closure

Credit: Disney

No More Pirate Thrills?

According to, Pirates of the Caribbean has been closed due to technical difficulties and ride breakdowns or malfunctions almost every single day this month.

Pirates of the Caribbean Wench Auction

Pirates of the Caribbean Wench Auction Credit: Today

Since the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is beloved by many Disney Fanatics, and is a priority on many Disney vacations (despite hour-long wait times), its frequent closure (and the obvious conclusion that the ride is seriously struggling) is a very bad sign!

A Dramatic Ripple Effect

If Pirates of the Caribbean closes for a significant length of time, this will certainly have a ripple effect on all of the other major attractions in the Walt Disney World Resort theme park.

Magic Kingdom rides or roller coasters like Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and the new TRON Lightcycle/Run thrill ride will probably find themselves dealing with an even larger capacity of visitors as well as longer wait times, when would-be Pirates of the Caribbean passengers have to find adventurous entertainment elsewhere.

Pirates of the Caribbean ride

Credit: Disney Photo Snapper

A Symptom of a Deeper Problem

Disney theme park visitors have known for some time that the Pirates of the Caribbean ride struggles to operate on a daily basis; however, the reality is that this seems to be a symptom of a deeper problem, and it seems like an issue that only a lengthy closure and refurbishment period could solve.

If you’ve got a Disney vacation coming up in the next few weeks, get your Captain Jack Sparrow fix while you can!

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