Pixar Character “Moves On” and Fans are Not Happy

Pixar Carl's Date

Pixar Animation Studios has announced what could be its most controversial move yet, and fans are not happy.

Carl Fredrickson and Russell, Disney/Pixar's Up

Credit: Disney/Pixar

Paired with the first trailer of the latest feature film, Elemental, Pixar announced that Carl Fredrickson and Dug would return to the silver screen in an all-new short film called “Carl’s Date.” Yes, it appears that Carl is finally moving on from the love of his life, Ellie, and Dug is going to help him get ready for the big night.

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But fans of Carl’s original movie–Disney/Pixar’s Up–and who cried their eyes out watching his and Ellie’s life flash before their eyes are not happy that animators have sent Carl back out into the world for some new girl. And they made their feelings known like a gaggle of grandkids who found out Grandpa is getting back in the game (which you can see in the comments of the Instagram posts embedded above).

Among the collection of “don’t do that”s, one fan said, “if the date isn’t to visit ellie in some capacity i will not be watching.”

Another said, “Carl would never do that.”

And another said, “Don’t do Ellie like that…”

For the past several years, it seems Disney has been out to change a lot of its movie canon, with most of those changes being done through live-action remakes of the animated features. But this time, the animation just continues through a very special Dug Days episode. It will also be the first appearance of Mr. Fredrickson since the passing of voice actor Ed Asner.

Disney/Pixar Carl's Date

Credit: Disney/Pixar

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Pixar Animation Studios has a tradition of beginning each feature with an animated short film, but “Carl’s Date” will be the first computer-animated short film moviegoers get to see since 2018.

“Carl’s Date” and Elemental are expected to be released in theaters on June 16, 2023.

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