‘Princess and the Frog’ Boutique Opens in Disneyland

tiana eudora's chic boutique princess and the frog

Princess Tiana is at it again with a new establishment that has been built in her honor — and if you’re in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square as of today, you can now check it out in person! Eudora’s Chic Boutique is open for business, with a side of Tiana’s Gourmet Secret!


Princess Tiana from ‘The Princess and the Frog’ Credit: Disney Princesses

According to the official Disneyland website, this Princess and the Frog-inspired establishment is a “beautiful bayou boutique” that features Tiana’s Gourmet Secret (or secrets) and is also the place to be for “handsome home goods, stylish apparel, accessories and more.” Check out some images of Eudora’s Chic Boutique in the Tweet below from journalist Scott Gustin!

This new boutique is meant to portray a “sublime little shop” that has been created by Princess Tiana (after “the phenomenal success of her restaurant”) in partnership with her mother, a dressmaker and seamstress who is named Eudora. The Disneyland website calls this store “a crown jewel of the Crescent City”.

Take note of the “Blue Skies and Sunshine” reference in the decor (it’s a line that Tiana sings in the 2009 Princess and the Frog movie that made her famous). The store’s rustic design actually seems on par with that of Oaken’s Sauna from the Frozen films!

This new boutique’s hours are between 8 am and midnight each day. Princess Tiana has been a polarizing topic lately for Disney fans, mainly because this New Orleans native and chef is getting her own Magic Kingdom ride called Tiana’s Bayou Adventure — and said water ride is replacing the classic ride called Splash Mountain.

princess tiana tianas bayou adventure disney princess

Princess Tiana is donning a new look for her appearance in Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, which will follow the Disney princess and her companions (including Prince Naveen and Louis the alligator) on a New Orleans bayou adventure.

Some Disney World Guests love Splash Mountain and have already begun to mourn its passing; other Disney World Guests are excited for Princess Tiana’s step into the limelight, especially since the New Orleans princess is also getting her own TV show and Disneyland restaurant as well (which won’t be far from this new boutique and will most likely feature some gourmet New Orleans cuisine)!

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