Real-Life ‘Evil Stepmother’? Woman Refuses to Bring Stepchild on Disney Trip

woman leaves stepchild out of disney vacation
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With Disney vacations often comes family drama, and in one recent instance, that family drama featured a classic Disney theme: Stepmothers.

Cinderella's Stepmother, Lady Tremaine

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According to, a woman mentioned that she received backlash after she decided to take her toddler to Disneyland Paris and leave her stepchild behind. She took to the forum for validation after her husband got upset with the idea, saying:

“[I] was with a friend yesterday, and we have talked loads before about booking a few days away with our toddlers to Disney Paris. Talking about it again yesterday, [we] decided to book it as we found a good deal. It’s only two nights and is during term time 2023.

I told my husband when I got home, and he’s sulking because my stepchild has never been, and it’s unfair [so] I should have spoken with him so we could have arranged to go together. Am I being unreasonable to think this is so ridiculous?”

The woman defended herself further, mentioning the age gap between her toddler and stepchild, and “it’s a couple of days in a year’s time. I didn’t think I needed his permission or that he’d even care. I paid with my own money.”

Boy Paralyzed Disneyland Paris

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But she received immediate backlash from the other moms on the forum.

One woman said, “Disney is a big deal for kids, isn’t it? I think even if I didn’t have a stepchild if my partner booked to go away with our little one, I’d be kinda gutted I wasn’t there for their first time going.”

Another said, “He’s right. Always treat all children the same.”

A third said, “Her spouse entrusted her with the health and well-being of his child, and she has effectively betrayed her spouse, to say nothing of the child themselves. I work HARD to make my boy [stepson] never feel lesser or that he’s not MY boy. It’s work. It’s worth it.”

Disneyland Paris Resort is in the middle of celebrating its 30th Anniversary, as well as the opening of Marvel’s newest Avengers Campus.

Disney D-Light, Disneyland Paris

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