Road Rage on Main Street: Scooter-Saddled Guest Blares Horn Through Crowd

Disney World Scooter

It is probably no secret to this reporter’s regular audience that Disney Park Guests can get frustrated and the crowds can get tense in contrast to the Magic found where they are.

In the past, we at Disney Fanatic have shared stories from Guests fighting in the street to renegade rascals running over feet.

This time, “Guest Frustration” takes the form of a rascal-riding Guest blaring her scooter’s horn as if she’s crawling her way through rush-hour traffic.

Check it out:


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Unlike previous stories, there do not appear to be any Guest-on-Guest injuries this time around. It is unclear when time this was taken or why she is blaring her horn, but it is clear she is in a rush to get somewhere.

It should be noted, there are several reasons one could be in a hurry through crowds–dinner reservations at California Grill, a last-minute Lightning Lane Pass for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, or just a case of get-home-itus (which is possible, but very rare to find after a Disney day)–but it is unclear why this woman was in a hurry. She could also be just trying to make her presence known to the other Guests around her who may not be watching where they’re going.

Disney Parks

We at Disney Fanatic recently reported that the Magic Kingdom and other Disney World Theme Parks are staying open later and later as more Guests return to The Most Magical Place On Earth, and it is rather hard to see her in the crowd.

Disney fireworks at night

Credit: Disney

Regardless, we advise that all of our readers, when they visit the Parks, to please be patient, vigilant of others, and try to smile and share the magic with all of those around them. We will continue to share entertaining and informative Disney Park news and stories as more continue to come to light.

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