Ron DeSantis Says Parents Have “Lost Some Confidence” in Disney

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It’s been nearly a year and a half since the relationship between Disney and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spiraled into utter chaos. The governor, his newly appointed Central Florida Tourism Oversight Board (formerly Reedy Creek), and the Republican-led Florida state legislature have been relentless in their attacks on Disney because the company spoke out against a bill the governor championed. Disney has had its right to self-govern taken away, has seen laws passed that specifically target the company, and has recently been told its diversity program needed to end.

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For just over a year, Disney tried to fight back against the governor, with no real luck. Then, they finally got fed up and filed a lawsuit against the Florida Governor, claiming he was retaliating against them because of what they said about his bill. DeSantis has filed motions to have the lawsuit dismissed, with his lawyers claiming that he has “complete legislative immunity.” Disney has said that DeSantis is trying to “evade responsibility” because he knows that he violated its First Amendment right to free speech.

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Because of the lawsuit and constant fighting with the House of Mouse, DeSantis’ popularity has taken a hit. His presidential campaign opponents have also used the Disney fight against Governor DeSantis every chance they have. DeSantis’ actions against Disney have cost the state Disney’s $1 billion Lake Nona project, which was set to bring the state millions in tax dollars. There would also have been thousands of Floridians who would have been employed through the project.

However, there is one group that DeSantis still thinks is on his side — parents.

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During a recent interview with CNBC, the governor said that parents have “lost some confidence” in Disney because of the material the company is producing.

“Disney’s had a lot of problems. I think that the skirmish they got in with these young kids. I think that’s a symptom of why they’re not doing as well because I think parents have lost some confidence that this is a company that’s really speaking to what they want, the way it had been traditionally.”

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In recent months, DeSantis and his fellow conservatives — including a number of parents — have been attacking Disney for what they call its “woke” agenda. Disney is making more films and television shows that show all types of people — gay, straight, queer, trans, black, white, you name it. Disney CEO Bob Iger has said that it is making content that more accurately depicts the world we live in. The company has said that it will continue to produce that kind of content, so everyone feels represented and welcome.

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Since the lawsuit was filed, Governor DeSantis has acted unbothered and has admitted multiple times that he did indeed not start going after Disney until ex-Disney CEO Bob Chapek said something he didn’t like. However, it now looks like DeSantis’ confidence may be a facade. In the interview, DeSantis said that he had “moved on” from the lawsuit and said that Disney should drop it. He did not say that he would stop going after them, or that he would change some of the laws passed against them. He just said that Disney should drop it because they no longer have “special privileges” and that’s that.

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