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Shakira Pays a Visit to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Shakira Visits Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

When asked about her plans with her family during their Disney trip, Shakira said that the plan was to “explore, eat popcorn, visit Mickey Mouse” and anything else that came up on the way. Shakira also revealed that her favorite attraction in the Magic Kingdom is the Haunted Mansion, and that “enjoying the fantasy” of Walt Disney World Resort overall is another thing she loves about Disney magic!

Her children Milan and Sasha, she said, would just be excited about seeing Mickey Mouse more than any specific Disney ride or Disney attraction in the theme Park.

Shakira was also asked about her favorite past performance during the interview; in response, she said that “it’s difficult but I especially remember my show at the pyramids in Egypt”. She cited Princess Jasmine from Aladdin (1992) as her “Disney fashion icon” with inspirational style, and revealed that her next project is indeed an upcoming brand-new album! Clearly, Shakira’s success in the music industry is only expanding the longer she performs.



“I am proud of the kind of human beings my children are becoming,” she said to end the interview when asked what made her proud in her life. “They are respectful, generous children and that makes me feel very happy”.

Josh Gad, who voices Olaf and plays Le Fou in the upcoming Beauty and the Beast prequel series, also did a Walt Disney World Minute interview last week. While his interview was more comical than Shakira’s (no doubt due to his reputation as a comedic celebrity), Shakira’s was also very entertaining!

Were you lucky enough to be a Disney Guest in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World during Shakira’s visit and see her, or did you see Josh Gad when he visited EPCOT’s Norway Pavilion in the World Showcase?

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