Josh Gad Treats Fans to More Laughs in EPCOT’s World Showcase

Josh Gad, who plays Olaf the snowman in 'Frozen', 'Frozen II', and 'Olaf Presents' Credit:

Even though Annie Award-winning actor Josh Gad didn’t become a household name until he played the sentient snowman Olaf in the Walt Disney Animation Studios movies Frozen (2012) and Frozen 2 (2019), the actor has continued to gain popularity with Disney fans since then on social media (especially after his own miniseries Olaf Presents premiered on Disney+ Day). The actor and father of two just paid a visit to EPCOT, stopping by EPCOT’s Norway Pavilion within the World Showcase, and he was happy to talk to Disney and answer some rapid-fire questions for his fans!

Disney Parks shared the hilarious encounter on Twitter, and it’s clear from the quick interview that Josh Gad is still his quick-witted comedic self. During his Walt Disney World Minute interview, Josh said that he was happy to be visiting the “naturally-formed glacial waterfall” in the EPCOT Norway that he called “the Norway of its generation”. When asked what his plans were for the day at EPCOT with his family, Josh said that “my kids like to go basically until the point that I drop, so it’s gonna be a wonderful day…but also for my legs a very painful and excruciating day.” When the Cast Member interviewing him asked how his kids reacted to seeing Olaf in EPCOT, he said that it was “basically similar to every day of their lives” because they “meet Olaf on a daily basis”.


An Olaf hot chocolate bomb. Credit: Josh Gad

Josh identified with “Ursula” as his real-life Disney character. When asked about his experience visiting Walt Disney World Resort during its 50th-anniversary, Josh said that it was “humid, but also as magical as the first day I ever came”. He said that he enjoyed seeing the Parks as “bright and shiny and new as if [they were] basically just constructed”.


Queen Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell), Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel), Olaf (voiced by Josh Gad), Sven and Kristoff (voiced by Jonathan Groff) in ‘Frozen 2’, the sequel to the ‘Frozen’ movie inspired by the Snow Queen tale. Credit: Disney

It’s already common knowledge that a Beauty and the Beast prequel series is coming to Disney+, and that it’s starring Luke Evans reprising his role as Gaston and Josh himself reprising his role as LeFou. Josh has already shared some hints about what we can expect from the series — but when asked about his upcoming projects or plans, Josh played coy this time, saying only that “it rhymes with ‘Feauty and the Feast Frequel series on Blisney Blus'”.


Josh Gad as Le Fou and Luke Evans as Gaston in ‘Beauty and the Beast’, starring Emma Watson. Credit:

Josh Gad was also asked about his favorite karaoke song, since the actor has already demonstrated some singing skills in his roles as the characters Olaf (the snowman who loves summer) and Le Fou (Gaston’s sidekick). “I like to challenge myself”, the actor said, choosing “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston or Dolly Parton. He also chooses “Happy Birthday” occasionally. Josh Gad has consistently amused Disney fans or Frozen fans online by sharing funny insights on his social media. One particular highlight was his recent video of an Olaf hot chocolate bomb!

Are you excited to see Josh Gad as Le Fou again, and did you enjoy Olaf Presents? Were you one of the Disney Park Guests who were lucky enough to be visiting EPCOT in the Walt Disney World Resort when Josh was visiting this week? And have you been hoping to see the Broadway theater version of Frozen that’s on tour right now?

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