Shareholders to Let Disney Keep Blind Eye on China’s Human Rights Violations

China Softening on Disney movies

At its Annual Meeting of Shareholders, The Walt Disney Company voted on a shareholder’s proposal demanding The Company be take clear responsibility for its business with Mainland China despite the well-known human rights violations going on there.

According to the Proxy Statement, the proposal asking Disney to present shareholders with a Human Rights Due Diligence Report states, in part:

“Shareholders request that, beginning in 2022, Disney report on the process of due diligence, if any, that the Company undertakes in evaluating the human rights impacts of its business and associations with foreign entities, including foreign governments, their agencies, and private sector intermediates… 

“Disney becomes the center of controversy in 2020 when it was reported that the film credits for Mulan offered ‘special thanks’ to eight Chinese government entities in Xinjiang province. Both the Biden and Trump administrations have formally characterized the Chinese government’s policy toward the Uyghur minority in Xinjiang as ‘genocide’…

“Information on Disney’s due diligence on human rights, or lack thereof, would wllow shareholders to better evaluate business and reputational risks inherent in cooperation with totalitarian and authoritarian regimes that violate himan rights.”

Walt Disney World Shareholders Meeting

Credit: Disney

In a very passionate speech given during the meeting, a shareholder pointed out the “hypocrisy” of Disney pulling out of Russia due to the Ukraine invasion but continues to work with a government responsible for far worse enduring horrors like forced labor, and argued that Disney was so “desperate” to build a park on Mainland China, that they relinquished controlling stake in the Shanghai Disney Resort to the CCP’s government.


Credit: Disney

However, the vote was struck down, as only 34% of shareholders voted yes on the motion, and 67% voted against it, with less than 6% of voters abstaining.

Disney’s board of directors recommended that shareholders vote against the proposal, claiming, in part,

“The report requested in the proposal rests on a misplaced premise with respect to the Company’s existing commitment to human rights and is thus neither a necessary nor productive use of the Company’s resources. 

“The Company is deeply committed to operating in an ethical manner that respects human rights and such considerations are already included in its business decisions, including film production.”

However, despite multiple reports of human rights violations coming out of Mainland China, The Walt Disney Company has remained silent on the matter. It should be noted that if shareholders did not actively vote, their proxy would automatically weigh against the proposal. This is a step back for those fans and shareholders who have been fighting for their beloved company to get out of bed with China and the ruling Chinese Communist Party.


Credit: Disney

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to update our readers on Disney News as more information comes to light.

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