shopDisney Update: The Limited-Edition Princess Tiana Doll Gets a Release Date


We already knew that the newest Disney princess to be joining the roster of shopDisney limited-edition Disney princess dolls from the Disney Designer Collection was going to be Princess Tiana — but now, the exclusive Disney princess doll finally has a release date! The Disney Designer Collection Limited-Edition Doll representing Princess Tiana is going to be released on February 1, 2022.


Princess Tiana Credit: Disney

As with all of the dolls in this shopDisney collection (which is part of the ongoing Disney Ultimate Princess Celebration), this Disney princess doll will be wearing a couture ensemble that is a stark contrast to the outfits that the actual Princess Tiana herself wears in her 2009 movie, The Princess and the Frog. The Disney princess dolls in this exclusive shopDisney collection also wear more modern makeup and more modern hairstyles than their original animated characters did, and it looks like this will continue to be the case with the new Princess Tiana doll.


Credit: @shopDisney

Tiana is wearing a decadent gold and white gown, with a gold bodice, gold bracelet, embellished gold headband, and voluminous natural curls enhancing the elegant outfit. She’s also wearing much heavier makeup than her character does in the Disney animated film and a gauzy white cape. Although this look isn’t an exact match for any of Princess Tiana’s usual outfits (perhaps it will match one in the upcoming TV series she’s getting?), it does seem to reflect the mood and color scheme from her 1920s dream sequence!

Princess Tiana is also not the only Disney princess getting a new doll in the Disney Designer Collection! Princess Aurora (also known as Briar Rose and Sleeping Beauty) will also be getting represented as a couture exclusive shopDisney doll. Although the release date for Princess Aurora has not been announced yet, we have a glimpse of her in the image below from shopDisney’s Instagram!


The ā€˜Little Mermaidā€™ Ariel (designed by Ashley Losada), Pocahontas, Princess Tiana, Mulan (designed by Danae Cendejas), Princess Jasmine, and Aurora Collectible Dolls Credit: @shopdisney

Princess Aurora is wearing a more traditional medieval gown with lots of embroidery and rich colors, which suits the unique stained-glass style from her Disney movie’s animation. The ArielĀ Little Mermaid doll is wearing one of the more progressive styles, with the Mulan doll, Princess Jasmine doll, and Pocahontas doll wearing more traditional couture outfits that suit their Disney films. There were less than 10,000 Mulan dolls made, and only exactly 10,000 Ariel dolls made, so we’re guessing that this Tiana doll and this Aurora doll will also be in short supply!


The ā€˜Little Mermaidā€™ Ariel (designed by Ashley Losada), Pocahontas, Princess Tiana, Mulan (designed by Danae Cendejas), Princess Jasmine, and Aurora Collectible Dolls Credit: @shopdisney

Each princess also comes with her own Certificate of Authenticity and display stand. Are you going to be seeking out the Princess Tiana doll on February 1? Have you been following along with the Disney Ultimate Princess Celebration ever since World Princess Week? Which other Disney princesses would you like to see represented: the Frozen queens or Raya?


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