Could Disney Cause Closure of Popular Universal Land?

Universal Studios Hollywood
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For about 15 years, Guests visiting the Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood have been able to visit a world created by one of the most successful television shows in history — The Simpsons. Springfield allows Guests to dine at iconic locations like Moe’s Tavern, drink Duff beer, nearly get killed by Sideshow Bob (but in a fun way!) at Krustyland, and meet the titular family up close. The Simpsons Ride replaced the Back to the Future attraction at both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Park in Florida.

Simpsons Land Universal Studios Hollywood

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While the Springfield area may be based on a hit show, it’s possible that the area may not fare as well as its animated counterpart. Universal licensed The Simpsons before they built the lands, and well before Disney gained the rights to the hit show. Disney gained the rights to The Simpsons when it purchased 21st Century Fox in 2019.

Now, Universal still has the contract for The Simpsons, but that will soon end — reports indicate around 2028, but neither Disney nor Universal has confirmed. And then they will be out of luck. So, are the Parks taking preemptive action and getting ready to change the land before they lose the rights?

Springfield Simpsons Universal Orlando

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SUPER NINTENDO WORLD recently opened at Universal Studios Hollywood, and Guests checking out the Universal Hollywood app noticed that nearly all mentions of Springfield had been removed. The Simpsons Ride is still on the map, but there are no markings to indicate where Guests can eat. However, if you go onto the restaurant list, the theme park dining spots are still there.

Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Hollywood

Credit: Disney Tourist Blog

Universal has not commented on why the Springfield spots have been removed. They have also not made any official announcements about changing the lands in both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando. However, rumors have been circulating that — at least at Universal Hollywood — the theme park area will become a land dedicated to the hit show Bob’s Burgers.

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