Space 220 Announces New Collectibles for Guests

space 220 cards

Space 220 is one of the Disney Park EPCOT’s newer restaurants, and the restaurant is celebrating its one-year anniversary today with three new exciting Space 220 Collectible Trading Cards!

If you love collecting special or limited-edition Disney memorabilia, then you’ll definitely want to check out these collectible cards. Since Space 220 is, of course, focused on intergalactic experiences for Walt Disney World Resort and EPCOT Guests, these cards are of course focusing on planets — and the new planets that are receiving their own cards are Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars!

If you had been hoping for the original three (Earth, Venus, and Mercury) then you are about to be out of luck. Each series of SPACE 220 Collectible Trading Cards are limited-time offerings, so the Earth, Venus, and Mercury cards are being discontinued.  Check out the three Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars cards that are replacing them in the images below!

Jupiter Space Card Space 220

Credit: Patina Restaurant Group / Space 220

As the Marketing Director from the Patina Restaurant Group (which is a collective that includes plenty of Disney restaurants like Space 220 and Maria & Enzo’s) puts it, These cards help to spark an interest in space exploration in Guests of all ages, creating a sense of awe at the wonder of our solar system and beyond.”

Space Card Space 220

Credit: Patina Restaurant Group/ Space 220


A complete series of these cards includes six Space 220 trading cards, and the categories for the different card series are “Space Trivia, Food in Space Trivia or Space Technology”. Each series also has one Tech-Specs trading card that is embellished by “blue foil ink” and shows off some impressive space tech from the real world.
Space Card 3

Credit: Patina Restaurant Group/ Space 220

These cards have typically been reserved for kids who are dining at Space 220, not adults — but there is no reason why you can’t enjoy a new pack of these limited edition cards with your child after they have received the deck!
Are you a fan of collecting Disney trading cards like these Space 220 Collectible Trading Cards as an ode to your Disney Fanatic status (and borrowing the cards from your children), or do you prefer to collect Disney memorabilia through Disney pin trading (or online shopping for soon-to-be-defunct Splash Mountain ride memorabilia) instead?

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