Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Sells Out Lightning Lane Again – Could Guests See a Price Increase?

Rise of the resistance
Credit: Disney

We are now on Day Two of Disney Genie being available to Guests visiting the Walt Disney World Resort, and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance has already sold out once again for its Lightning Lane slots for the day.

At $15 per person per ride, it seems Disney is making quite a bit of money on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, especially if this trend continues. With the popular ride, that previously ran with an interactive queue continues to sell out daily, we have to wonder, would Disney raise the price to purchase Lightning Lane for this attraction?

Credit: Disney

Prior to the launch of Disney Genie, we were looking at the similar program available at Disneyland Paris, which allows Guests to select a la carte options to pay an additional fee for a shorter wait in line at select attractions. Ironically, the prices for some Disneyland Paris attractions were actually reduced following their essentially paid FastPass launch.

We do not know if Disneyland Paris was changed due to the time slots not selling out, or for some other reason, but given Disney’s general tactics of raising prices for items that become more exclusive or popular, it may not be a complete surprise to see that $15 per person cost change for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Lightning Lane access.

Credit: Disney

It is worth noting that with the virtual queue system suspended until further notice at Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, Guests do still have the option of waiting in the standby line if they are unable to purchase Lightning Lane for the ride. Previously, when boarding passes were required, Guests who were not able to get one would be unable to ride.

So far Guests seem mixed on whether or not Genie+ and Lightning Lane is working to their advantage. We’ve seen comments from Guests so far praising its ability to get them through the lines quickly and claims that it is worth the cost, but alternative comments suggesting the previous free version of FastPass was easier to use.

Credit: Disney

There are certainly some bugs to work out in the new system (like yesterday for instance, when Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance went down and Guests needed to go to Guest Relations to receive a refund) but we are curious to see which attractions continue to sell out and which ones may have changes in the future.

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