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OpEd: Paying for Disney Genie+ is Completely Unnecessary

Disney Genie Plus Lightning Lane

Readers, when it comes to utilizing Disney’s Genie+ and the Lightning Lane systems, my advice is simply this: Don’t do it. Sure, lines at Disney World can be insane. There is something satisfying about being able to skip the line in any respect, and we want to be able to sneak in as many rides and attractions in a day ...

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Disney Just Made Genie+ Even More Complicated

Disney Genie Plus Park Hopping

A new update has come in for Disney’s Genie+ service affecting Park Hoppers’ multi-Park experience, and it has come off as complicated and confusing. According to Theme Park insider Scott Gustin, there has been a change when it comes to selecting Genie+’s Lightning Lane when Park Hopping. Apparently, Genie+ used to recognize when a Guest was intending to Park Hop. ...

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Disney Cast Member Issues Another ‘Be Kind’ PSA to Guests

Be kind to cast members psa

One of the ugly themes of a Disney Parks day continues to be the friction that builds between Guests and Cast Members at both the Disneyland Resort in California and the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. And one place where that friction can be found is at the site of an attraction that is constantly breaking down. A Disneyland ...

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Disney Genie+ Updates 2-Hour Rule Regarding Lightning Lane Selection

Disney Genie Plus Lightning Lane Selection

It appears that Disney Genie+ has clarified some things regarding its Lightning Lane access, particularly how long Guests need to wait between claiming a Lightning Lane access for another ride. Disney’s Genie+ series is a paid service that costs $15 (USD) per person per day and allows Guests access to the Lightning Lane entrances for “2 to 3 attractions or ...

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Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind Virtual Queues Fill in Minutes

Guardians ride virtual queue

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind opened to the Disney World public today, May 27, via virtual queue and Individual Lightning Lane access, and Guests completely claimed all boarding group space in the span of just a few minutes. EPCOT’s next-generation indoor roller coaster offered two different times for Guests to join the virtual queue, 7:00 am and 1:00 pm. ...

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OpEd: Maybe Genie+ will Finally Give Guests What They Pay For

Disney Genie Plus

On May 18, Disney Parks announced changes to the Genie+ system, stating, in part, that this time it would be limited availability. According to Disney Parks Blog, “moving forward, whether you have an Annual Pass, multi- or single-day ticket, you may only purchase Disney Genie+ service on the day of your visit via the app, one day at a time, ...

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PHOTOS: Lightning Lane Left Space Mountain Standby Line ‘Broken’

Disney Lightning Lane

It appears that Lightning Lane troubles continue to impact favorite Disney Parks attractions to the point where Standby lines are completely abandoned. Twitter user @hastin shared a picture in line for Space Mountain at Disneyland Park in Southern California that shows the individual Lightning Lane entrance–the one Guests pay $15 per person to use–is longer than the Standby Line. It ...

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Disney Adds More Attractions to Genie+ Lightning Lane

lightning lane festival of fantasy disney stars red carpet dreams

Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are continuing to add more theme Park attractions exclusively to Genie+ Lightning Lane, and now two more are joining the Lightning Lane lineup! Journalist Scott Gustin has revealed that as of March 11, the Disney World Resort Festival of Fantasy Parade will be a Genie+ Lightning Lane event in the Magic Kingdom theme ...

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Three Disney Attractions Are Switching Exclusively to Genie+ Lightning Lanes

lightning lane

Disney Guests have gone through many adjustments recently as Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort undergo changes, with the most notable change being the switch to Genie+ and Lightning Lanes, and the changes are continuing! Journalist Scott Gustin shared on Twitter that three Walt Disney World Resort attractions are being changed from Individual Lightning Lane selection attractions to Genie+ ...

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OpEd: Time to End Line-Cutting Options at Disney World

Disney World Lightning Lane

If Walt Disney World is not going to bring back its FastPass+ system, then I say it’s time the mega-resort ends all line-cutting options at its theme parks (except for tours and those with the DAS pass, of course). The fact of the matter is that line-cutting measures increase standby waits longer, which, in turn, increases the demand to cut ...

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