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Disney Receives More Awards Despite Guest Complaints


The Walt Disney Company, Disney Resorts, and Disney Parks have received quite a lot of negative feedback from Disney Guests and Disney enthusiasts in recent months, with complaints coming in regarding everything from current Disney leadership (particularly the current Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek) to rising Disney prices to “uncomfortable” interactions with Cast Members. However, Disney is apparently doing ...

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Chapek Changes Disney’s Tune After Facing More Negative Feedback


The current CEO of the Walt Disney Company, CEO Bob Chapek, has faced a shocking level of negativity from fans of Disney Parks, locations like Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort, and fans of products like the streaming service Disney+. Petitions to replace the Disney CEO Bob Chapek — with the Disney heiress Abigail Disney or the former Walt ...

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“Delusional” Bob Chapek Should Be Fired Per CNBC Analyst

disney ceo bob chapek fired

A financial analyst and news host from CNBC recently slammed Disney CEO Bob Chapek, calling him “delusional” for some recent statements. Bob Chapek doesn’t seem to be pleasing many people. As the man who has overseen many of the Walt Disney Company and the Disney Parks’ most controversial changes, his is a name every Disney fan knows, not for the ...

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Ominous Statement from Disney CFO Suggests Upcoming Layoffs

disneyland cast members and a layoffs sign

The Walt Disney Company seems to have been put through the wringer in recent months, particularly when it comes to public opinion — and even though the company’s earnings this year say otherwise, there was one tidbit from Disney’s CFO that might be a red flag! During the recent quarterly earnings call, Walt Disney Company Chief Financial Officer Christine McCarthy ...

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Journalist Calls Out Disney for Being “Nakedly Greedy”

disney being greedy and rising disney prices

Disney fans have been criticizing Disney and reporting less and less satisfying experiences on their Disney vacations for quite a while now — particularly in connection with rising Disney prices — and these complaints have not gone unnoticed! According to Yahoo! Finance journalist Kevin Wong in a recent article, Disney cannot necessarily be blamed for trying to make as much ...

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Chapek Avoids the ‘M Word’ in Disney’s Plans

chapek metaverse

The Walt Disney Company is typically known for being innovative, but the current Walt Disney Company CEO, Bob Chapek, is apparently trying to avoid acknowledging one element of the company’s futuristic plans — particularly something called the metaverse. In a recent interview with Deadline, CEO Bob Chapek said the following: “We call it next-gen storytelling. We tend not to use the ...

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Chapek Reveals Future Plan for Streaming Services

chapek hulu

Apparently, Disney does not just have its eye on a potential upcoming Walmart streaming service; the Walt Disney Company and Disney CEO Bob Chapek are also interested in getting more involved with Hulu! Hulu is a streaming service that is owned by Comcast and is still technically separate from the Disney streaming service known as Disney+. However, many subscription plans ...

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Bob Chapek Talks Bringing Gambling to Disney

bob chapek espn

In the newest series of developments with the Walt Disney Company, Bob Chapek is talking about finding ways to integrate betting into Disney. The Walt Disney Company is a media giant and is one of the biggest corporations in the world. Between owning Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, or 20th Century Studios, streaming content on services like Disney+ or Hulu, and having such a significant ...

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Fans Think Disney Has ‘Lost Its Magic’ Per New Poll

disney poll decline

Disney’s popularity has been slowly declining if much of the mainstream talk is to be believed, and now we have numbers to reflect it. Any Disney fan and Disney Guest will confirm that Disney vacations don’t come cheap. The Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort have especially come under fire recently for their rising prices. What’s made this already ...

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Disney Fans Talk Blue Sky: Replacing Bob Chapek

disney ceo bob chapek

In an amusing turn of events, some Disney fans had a lively discussion, speculating how replacing Bob Chapek would go. Disney CEO Bob Chapek is one of the most well-known names in the Disney world, and not for the best reasons. The controversial CEO has made many decisions that have left fans more than unhappy with him and The Walt ...

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