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Bob Iger’s Purge of Younger Talent Is Haunting Disney

Bob Iger's purge Disney succession

Late last year, when activist investor Nelson Peltz launched his second proxy battle against the Walt Disney Company and its Board, one of his many complaints was that there was no clear succession plan for Disney CEO Bob Iger. Peltz’s main concern was that without a plan, Disney would get a repeat of former CEO Bob Chapek. So, how hard ...

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Even Some Within Disney Have Lost Faith in Bob Iger

Bob Iger's return hasn't worked out so far

It happens with athletes all the time. The crowd’s roar is just too much for them, and they don’t know when to walk away. Muhammad Ali fought into his 40s and ended up getting beaten to a pulp by Larry Holmes. Micheal Jordan returned to play for the Washington Wizards of all teams. But rarely does this kind of thing ...

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“I Miss Chapek”: Fans Attack Bob Iger During Fan Event

disney bob iger

When Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger returned from his semi-retirement to oust CEO Bob Chapek last year, expectations were high for the returning Disney leader. Many Disney fans were disappointed with Chapek’s decisions as CEO of the Walt Disney Company, and many Disney fans remembered Iger’s original CEO years fondly. However, CEO Bob Iger seems to have fallen from ...

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Wonder Why Former CEO Bob Chapek Failed? Latest Reports Claim It’s Because of Bob Iger

bob iger bob chapek

Ten months after former Disney CEO Bob Chapek was ousted from his position, inside sources have reiterated that Disney CEO Bob Iger is the reason his predecessor failed. The Bob Iger-Bob Chapek saga has been documented extensively. It’s no secret that the former Disney CEO was quite severely disliked by the community at large; moreover, and perhaps more relevant to ...

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Iger/Disney Are Having A Bad Week, And It’s Not Getting Any Better

Iger/Disney's bad week is about to get worse

When Disney CEO Bob Iger returned eight months ago, he did not realize just how big the problems he was facing would be. But Iger had an easy out; he could blame everything on his predecessor, CEO Bob Chapek. But Iger didn’t realize that a lot of the problems that Disney is currently facing are leftover from his first tenure ...

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Is Disney’s CEO Really Extending His Contract?

Disney CEO Bob Iger with Mickey Mouse

CEO Bob Iger is working at the Walt Disney Company after returning from his semi-retirement (a cushy position consulting for Disney as a side hustle), but apparently, the Disney CEO has still not had enough of his second turn as Disney’s leader! Iger worked as the CEO of the Walt Disney Company between 2005 and 2020 before stepping down for ...

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Disney CEO Renovates $33 Million Home While Approving Drastic Layoffs

Bob Iger's home in Los Angeles and Bob Iger looking awkward

Many Disney fans disliked former Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek — but now that the Disney CEO who has replaced him, Bob Iger, has taken over, there are still plenty of complaints circulating. Another Day, Another PR Disaster Disney has been facing a slew of public relations challenges in recent months, and the Walt Disney Company’s leader (who returned ...

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While Disney Laid Off Workers and Its Stock Tanked, Company Executives Made Millions

Disney executives made millions

Anytime a company begins to lose revenue, the average workers usually suffer the most. The top executives might get let go, but only after they’ve opened their golden parachutes. The Walt Disney Company is no different. While the company was laying off thousands of employees and Disney’s stock was tanking, its top executives were making millions. Related: Disney/ESPN Exec Laid ...

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In Iger vs. DeSantis, It’s a Battle of Egos to the Death

Bob Iger, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

In February 2022, former Disney CEO Bob Iger was on the outside looking in. He was two years into his retirement, and like all type-A personalities, he was getting restless. Then CEO Bob Chapek was systematically ruining everything Iger built and remained silent as the Florida Legislature debated passing the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Iger was never one to shy ...

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