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Resellers Hoard Piles of In-Demand Disney Replicas


Resellers are at it again! Many Disney fans might feel like they have a lot of Disney-related enemies these days, such as increased prices, badly-behaved Disney Park Guests, and Disney CEO Bob Chapek or Disney Chairman Josh D’Amaro. However, Disney Fanatics also have a bone to pick with resellers — and apparently, this reseller problem extends beyond Walt Disney World ...

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Disney Fans Demand Lifetime Bans for ‘Resellers’

disney resellers banned

It is no secret among ardent Disney Fanatics that exclusive, limited-edition Disney merchandise — particularly commemorative Disney merchandise that can only be purchased during certain Disney events, like the 40th anniversary of the Disney Park EPCOT or the 50th anniversary of the entire Walt Disney World Resort — is very much in high demand. However, the Disney dynamic involving merchandise ...

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