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Disney World Annual Passholders Free From Park Reservations (Kinda)


Annual Passholders (i.e. Walt Disney World Resort enthusiasts who buy Annual Passes and receive special status) or Magic Key Holders (i.e. Disneyland Resort enthusiasts who enjoy a similar special status) have not been especially pleased with the Walt Disney Company lately. Regular Disney Guests have not been pleased overall, either, but Disney has just announced something that will sweeten the ...

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Disneyland Offers Exclusive Bonus Item For Magic Key Holders


Disney’s more elite customers — including Annual Passholders or Magic Key Holders who specifically buy Annual Passes or Magic Keys because they are such frequent visitors of Disney Parks and Disney Resorts — have been feeling frustrated with Disney recently. However, Disney seems to be sweetening the deal for those customers (or at least the Disneyland Resort customers)! According to ...

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This Disney Park Banned Annual Passholders Over Christmas, Wait Times Got Longer!

Disneyland Holiday Wait Times

In an unprecedented turn of events, the Disneyland Resort decided to completely block out its entire population of Annual Passholders–known as Magic Key Holders–from the peak Holiday Season. Disney Fanatic previously reported that when Disneyland started selling its updated Magic Key Passes again, fans discovered that every single tier was blocked out from December 21 – January 1. Any Disney ...

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Disney Begins Selling New Annual Passes Again!

Disneyland Annual Pass Sales

Disney’s Annual Passes are no longer solely available to those Guests who already have them. Well, at least some of them. The Disneyland Resort announced that it would resume selling some tiers of its Annual Pass–known as “Magic Key”–to non-Passholder Guests today, November 16, 2022. The news was shared over Twitter by Theme Park Insider Scott Gustin, who explained that ...

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TikTok: Passholder Sacrifices Uggs in Fear of Disneyland’s ‘No-Show’ Policy

Disneyland Magic Key Attendance Policy

Earlier this year, the Disneyland Resort made some changes regarding its Theme Park Reservations that put a higher expectation on its annual pass holders, also known as Magic Key Holders.  Disney Parks insists on maintaining an artificial capacity limit in its Parks and therefore has to balance the admittance of annual pass holders with everyone else. One way Disneyland decided ...

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