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How Different Would Disney Be If These Three Things Never Happened?

disney world changes past

Recently, Disney fans asked some big “what if” questions about Disney and Disney World and wondered about how different things could have been if some events had gone differently. The Walt Disney World Resort, with its four theme parks—Magic Kingdom Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT—and its wonderful shopping and dining district, Disney Springs, is ...

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Michael Eisner Reacts to Bob Iger’s Return to Disney

Michael Eisner and Mickey Mouse

In the aftermath of Disney’s CEO shakeup, another former Chief Executive has commented on the matter. Before A Tale of Two Disney Bobs began, The Walt Disney Company was helmed by Michael Eisner. Spearheading the creation of several Theme Parks, including Disneyland Paris Resort, as well as several studio acquisitions, many credit Eisner with establishing the Disney we know today. ...

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Bob Iger Calls Chapek’s Promotion One of His ‘Worst Business Decisions’

bob chapek bob iger

Ever since Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger left Disney in February 2020 and his co-worker Bob Chapek became Disney’s new CEO, Disney fans have become more and more disgruntled — so much so that a petition against Chapek’s leadership is still going strong with over 115,000 thousand digital signatures. Bob Iger recently spoke to Business Insider about what actually happened ...

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Former Disney CEO Selling California Compound for $225 Million

Michael Eisner Estate

It appears former CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Michael Eisner, has decided to sell his cliff-top estate in Southern California for what could be the most expensive home sale in The Golden State’s history. According to The Wall Street Journal.,  Former Disney chairman and chief executive officer Michael Eisner is asking $225 million for his cliff-top compound in Malibu, Calif.  If the deal ...

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Why Disney Stockholders Can’t Vote Bob Chapek Out

Chapek and Iger

As The Walt Disney Company draws ever closer to its 2022 shareholders meeting on March 9, media outlets–including this one–have pointed out that a considerable amount of steam was growing for stockholders to remove Bob Chapek from the Chief Executive Officer position. However, it is very likely the angry contingent will get their way. A reporter from the Motley Fool ...

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Disney Shareholders Organize a Vote Against CEO Bob Chapek

bob chapek

Many Disney fans already know that the CEO who has taken up Disney leadership after CEO Bob Iger left, CEO Bob Chapek, has been getting a lot of negative feedback from Disney Guests. Now, many people have actually become Disney stockholders specifically as part of a planned vote against the reelection of CEO Bob Chapek at the Disney shareholders’ meeting ...

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“I’m Gone”: Bob Iger Rejects Rumors of His Return to Disney

Bob Iger

Even though Disney CEO Robert Iger (known as Bob Iger) stepped down from his position as CEO in February of 2020, there are still plenty of people who hope for his return — particularly in light of Disney fans’ displeasure with his successor CEO Bob Chapek, who has received a dramatic amount of negative feedback from Disney consumers. According to ...

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“Yes I hired him” – Michael Eisner Speaks on Bob Chapek

Michael Eisner Bob Chapek

Disney CEO, Bob Chapek, is, observably, not very popular at the moment with his company’s fan base. Whether it is due to more minor issues like the progression of annual passes or the overall direction in which he seeks to venture, the very mention of the name of Bob Iger’s has been proven to draw comments. And some of those ...

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