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Despite “Woke” Backlash, Disney Still Fails at LGBTQ+ Representation

A person holds a rainbow-colored sugar cookie shaped like Mickey Mouse on a stick. The background is blurred with colorful lights, and an image of Mickey Mouse in his classic red shorts and yellow shoes is positioned on the right side of the image, subtly hinting at Disney's ongoing attempts at LGBTQ representation.

In recent years, Disney has been excessively labeled as “woke” by conservative audiences. You can’t set foot on social media without seeing outrage over the idea that the company has abandoned family values in favor of LGBTQ+ characters and themes in their films. Fans that watch these movies realize how little there is to fuel this narrative in reality, as ...

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Latest Hollywood Triumph Undermines Critique of Disney’s “Woke” Failures

Disney movie failures

Anyone who has kept up with the Walt Disney Company knows that it hasn’t exactly had the greatest year on record for box office successes. The company has a growing list of expensive blockbuster films that have underperformed in terms of profit. Many critics have cited Disney’s “woke” policies as the reason for these consistent financial disappointments. The “go woke, ...

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Florida Teacher Being Investigated for Allegedly Showing Students a Disney Film

Florida teacher being investigated for allegedly showing students a Disney film

No, this is not a headline from The Onion. This is something that is happening. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis became his crusade against all things “woke,” and part of that crusade was ensuring that teachers and schools were not “indoctrinating” or “grooming” children. Part of DeSantis’ “anti-woke” crusade was signing into law Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which has now ...

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Disney is Accused of Being ‘Woke.’ What Exactly Does That Mean?

Disney World, woke?

The word is seemingly everywhere. You can’t scroll through your news feed or turn on cable news without seeing someone being accused of having gone “woke.” The word itself has taken on a life without any context or explanation of its qualities. No single person uses the word more than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Governor DeSantis has declared that Florida ...

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The Biggest Complaints at Disney World Right Now

Biggest Complaints Feature Image

Walt Disney World Resort is often hailed for being the most magical place on Earth, but it certainly isn’t perfect. At any given time even the most contested Disney fan can easily spout off a whole host of complaints about Disney World. And the current—still growing—list of complaints is skyrocketing. From familiar burdens that are nothing new to problems that ...

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OpEd: Disney Is Glorifying Bad Behavior by Idealizing and Vindicating Villains

Disney Villains cover

Once upon a time, a Disney Villain was a villain—a bad guy—pure evil. And the Walt Disney Company was known for producing very morally sound works in film and entertainment that drove home the idea of good triumphing over evil. This was (and largely still is) often demonstrated by a pure-hearted hero or heroine conquering a relentlessly wicked fiend in ...

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‘You Don’t Think Disney’s ‘Too Woke’?’: Bob Chapek Delivers an Answer

Bob Chapek Woke Disney

Of all the words used to describe the current state of The Walt Disney Company, “Woke” is one of the most common. The phrase “Go Woke Go Broke” echoes through the comments of our articles and across the rest of the internet as Disney’s attempts to push its agendas for “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” continue to come under fire and ...

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