The Disney Stars That NEED To Join Netflix’s ‘ELITE’

Netflix's Elite season 7 promo shot
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Netflix’s ELITE is one of the biggest shows on the planet. It has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and fandom of millions all across the globe. Three former Disney Channel stars (Jorge Lopez of Soy Luna, Valentina Zenere of Soy Luna, and Andre Lamogila of Bia and Juacas) have starred in the past seven seasons of the show. With an eighth season looming, here are five former Disney Channel stars we would love to see on the show.

1. Sofia Carson


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The Descendants star would fit in perfectly to the ELITE cast. Carson has worked with Netflix in the past on the hit movie Purple Hearts, we would love to see her return but this time in a gritty tv show! We’re dreaming of Carson playing the new wealthy girl from Colombia who comes to Madrid. Plus, we know she’d look AMAZING in the Las Encinas uniform.

2. Demi Lovato


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Demi Lovato has been stating they want to get back into acting! The Camp Rock star has been focusing on their music career the past few years but we need to see them back on our TV screens. We would love to see them play a sassy young detective and former Las Encinas student who takes on the murder of whoever dies in the eighth season.



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The biggest former Disney Channel Latin America star (Violetta of Violetta), Martina “TINI” Stoessel is a bonafide pop megastar who plays STADIUMS since leaving the mouse house. She hasn’t returned to television since her Disney days but with the announcement that her collaborator and fellow pop princess, Anitta is joining the ELITE cast for seasons seven and eight, anything is possible. Hey, TINI can even play herself, we just need her on our TVs again.

4. Augustina Palma


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Not a well-known name to most American fans, Palma is actually a double former Disney Channel starlet having starred in Once and Bia. Her Instagram bio literally mentions “Disney” and “Netflix‚ÄĚ, so it would be a natural role for her. Bia costar Andre Lamogila can help her get her foot in the door. We would love to see Augustina play a conservative brainiac that judges her fellow¬†Las Encinas classmates but then falls HARD for her new history teacher.

5. Diego Dominguez


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And who else would be better to play that hunk history teacher? Diego Dominguez played heartthrob Diego in Violetta and has since gone on to be in several movies and reality television. We NEED to see Dominguez as the teacher who ends up being a murderer.


Which Disney star do you think should join the cast?

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